Veronica Beard, launches extended sizing up to a size 24.

Veronica Beard, launches extended sizing up to a size 24.

Veronica Beard is an elevated American ready-to-wear brand that strikes the balance between cool and classic. Very well known for their invention of “The Dickey Jacket”, which offers the wearer interchangeable dickey styles under their blazer, Veronica Beard has often displayed a thoughtfulness for their customer’s lifestyle and and an understanding of great fit for many years now.

Veronica Beard’s “Dickey Jacket”

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Today, as we enter 2019, Veronica Beard is at it again, approaching the issue of fit for women of all sizes and delving into “Extended Sizing”. Like many new brands, when they launched, their collection only ranged from sizes 0 to 12. By pre-fall of 2018, they began to offer up to a size 14. With their customer base displaying a love for the diverse sizing, they experimented with offering up to a 16 for resort19, and now, with spring 2019, they are pioneering the largest extended sizing to date with their brand offering up to a size 24 in their collection.

This spring, the brand will be launching extended sizes in a select group of their pieces but by fall, 75 percent of their collection will be offered in extended sizing (up to a size 24).

“We just felt like we kept falling short for a lot of friends and people we love and admire. My mom couldn’t fit into our 12’s, and my cousin couldn’t fit into it. Veronica has friends that couldn’t. Why can’t all these people that we love wear Veronica Beard?” said Veronica Swanson Beard, founder and co-chief executive officer of Veronica Beard.

The extended sizing will  launch February 11th on their site and at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, 11 Honoré, and their five freestanding stores located in New York City (2), Manhasset, Los Angeles, and Dallas, Texas.

It’s no secret that fit and style are two of the most complained about factors when it comes to “plus size” clothing. In a world where a size 2 and 4 can find a great fit, why is it so hard to find larger sizes displaying the same thoughtfulness for the body’s shape and a woman’s love of style? Veronica Beard understands, and has been working with some of the best industry professionals in the genre (Kedic Fashion Workshop and @the12ishstyle to name a few) to better understand the customer’s needs and to ensure quality when pattern making and grading for up to a size 24. Jeans, for example, although ubiquitous, have very unique needs for extended sizing. Beard’s Beverly Flare style will launch first, with the brand planing to continue its research and improve on their product continuously.

“The Veronicas” – Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard, Designers for Veronica Beard

Sincere in their approach, Veronica Beard is set to succeed with their extended sizing. As sisters-in-law who are married to brothers, and eight children between the both of them, family is an obvious drive for brand’s decisions. When the people you care about and share fashion with can’t enjoy the same fashion because it does not fit them, there is a definite problem with that. Veronica Beard is ready to be part of the solution as we maneuver the age of inclusion and diversity.

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