One of the best kept secrets in the Texas fashion industry has got to be the creative mind of Marcos Orlando.

We first discovered the designer about four years ago when spotting the visually stunning photographs on his Underground Fashion House Instagram. Soon after that, he traveled to San Antonio, Texas to prospect venues for a fashion show. The show never happened, but it didn’t take long to realize that this artists’ voice was strong and that his drive would put him on our radar time and time again.

Underground Fashion House, Image by Marcos Orlando

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Underground Fashion House® is an elevated streetwear brand that much like hip hop, “samples” visually recognizable branding from corporate culture or luxury fashion and juxtaposes it with significant iconography and lifestyles from his Corpus Christi upbringing. Sure we’ve seen this concept in streetwear before, but what separates him from other brands is the strong artistic voice he brings to his campaigns. All photography is done by the designer himself and it is a perfect mix of professional high-low. Striking with his imagery, Marcos Orlando’s creative direction is sure to make you pause. He knows what he likes. He knows his aesthetic. He’s great at creating it. It’s incredible to look at.

Image by Marcus Orlando – Underground Fashion House

Flipping through his online “lookbooks” or instagram is like walking through the prestigious white walls of a contemporary art museum while taking in a dose of cool streetwear edge. It is worth taking the time to discover what he calls “#LatinLuxury”.

“Dios” with us all – by Marcos Orlando

Lately we’ve been hearing rumors of him expanding into fragrances. No stranger to expansion (Orlando also spearheads Design House® Fashion Group and PILL BOX®) sources tell us that he is scouting venues in San Antonio, Texas to host an “underground” fragrance party that will double as a surprise launch of the new concept that he has been working on all year. Considering his incredible eye, excelled creativity and fashion talent, this event has UFH fans anticipating leaks of more information and creating FOMO for a line on that invite list.

Marcos Orlando

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More on this story at Style Lush TV as it develops. Want more Marcos Orlando or maybe you just discovered him here? Visit the website at UndergroundFashionHouse.Com and don’t miss a creative beat on his Instagram. Stay tuned for more news on this event.