Mary Katrantzou and a Victoria’s Secret Capsule Collection!

Mary Katrantzou and a Victoria’s Secret Capsule Collection!

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The brilliance of Mary Katrantzou now graces Victoria’s Secret as a Capsule Collection. For the past ten years, the award winning talent has designed everything from bags and totes, to sneakers and of course, award winning clothing. Now, the London based designer will bring her signature prints to bras and will debut them at the much anticipated annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“Sometimes you have certain things you want to happen and you manifest to happen and this something that came out of nowhere. That conversation [with Victoria’s Secret] was interesting, just because of the values we both share about empowering women.”

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During the actual fashion show, held at Pier 94 in Manhattan, printed parachutes added perfect complimentary drama to the colorful digital prints that Katrantzou is known for. Her capsule collection separates ranged from bras and bralettes to body suits and body con fit crop tops. The pieces, all smartly crafted to embrace a female form confidently and special attention was paid to fit and construction.

“That was the exciting part. You always think of the anatomy of a woman when you design and how you create a second skin for the woman,” she said. “Perfecting the fit, you want to do the best you can. You want to have the technical expertise to do it, so we learned a lot.”

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air to the public, December 2nd, 10/9C and the capsule collection will be available this holiday season.

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