Lili Alessandra Luxury Linens: From San Antonio to British Vogue!

Lili Alessandra Luxury Linens: From San Antonio to British Vogue!

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Lili Alessandra is a luxury linens and fine home decor company, with presence in high end stores, nationally and internationally, and their flagship store located in the Stone Oak area, here in San Antonio. Founder, Sandra Hernandez Yedor, has a passion for artistic expression, which inspired her to study old classic textile designs that could be re-interpreted into luxe modernity. Sandra works closely with her design colleague, Craig Aple, in selecting a broad range of luxurious velvets, linens and silks as the base fabrics used for each collection.

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Their story began with, Lili & Co., which was formed in late 2002 showcasing a collection of unique and distinctive decorative pillows. In the fall of 2008, Lili Alessandra was born as the new name and brand that represents an always evolving vision. Today, they work with highly skilled artisans who translate each of their detailed designs into works of art. Through their craft they have developed a complete line of highly embellished decorative pillows that are hand embroidered and adorned with a range of semi precious stones, such as tiger’s eye, amethyst, and garnets.


Sandra Hernandez Yedor with Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Macy Stucke

Lili Alessandra has worked with an array of celebrities, bloggers and influencers and their Bedroom makeovers are ever inspiring. They’ve been recently featured on British Vogue for the July and August 2018 the Inside Story and Vogue’s Summer House. “I think it’s like Fashion, but it’s about fabrics and textiles, and inside your home. And you get to enjoy it every single day.” says Sandra.

Shop Lili Alessandra at their Flagship Store at The Vineyard in San Antonio, TX or online at

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