Makeup & Mimosas launches All Dolled Up Into its next phase of success.

Makeup & Mimosas launches All Dolled Up Into its next phase of success.

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New on the scene, self taught makeup artist, Danielle Hernandez of San Antonio, Texas hosted a makeup master class this past weekend and set the tone for her new brand and business. Launching this second, larger event with grace and tones of empowerment, this go getter, successfully educated many eager students on how-tos with her makeup tips and continual moments of positive reinforcement. “Does it really matter if you use expensive department store makeup Danielle?” a patron asked. “Honestly, in my experience, it’s all about technique. I’m about to use a Wet ‘n’ Wild product paired with a high end product, and it’s going to look incredible, so honestly, invest more in educating yourself and building technique rather than stocking up on 100% designer product.” she says. It was truth bombs like these and a genuine care for her student’s education that kept the class engaged and entertained.


With lifelong exposure to the industry and a natural knack for application, Danielle has set out to build her new beauty business, All Dolled Up. Only a few months old, All Dolled Up is rapidly gaining loyal clientele and a fan base due to her natural talent and continual messages of women supporting women. “I truly see the power in women valuing each other. As you can see, our emcee for the day is Danielle Cunningham from a competing business. I want to emphasize, that her being here is fantastic. My business supports hers and she is here to support mine. I’d love to continue to spread this energy”.

Danielle Cunningham of The One Beauty Bar with Danielle Hernandez of All Dolled Up

A few excited patrons at the Makeup & Mimosas Women’s Empowerment Makeup Master Class

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Along with the well received makeup master class, endless mimosas and positive messages of inclusion, the event also hosted businesses ran by charismatic, ambitious women. The diverse array of products kept patrons at The Club at Sonterra energized, fashionable, healthy and pampered. “I love visiting all the vendors. I can honestly say I’m discovering so many products and like minded women today. This is so much fun.” said a smiling patron (goodie bag in hand). Once again, with every vendor, positive messages of empowerment set the tone. From group photos taken at every corner to loving signs reminding you that “you’re really pretty”, Makeup & Mimosas: Women’s Empowerment Event, knocked it out of the ballpark with education, fashion and loving tones on inclusion. Check out some highlights in the episode above and stay tuned for All Dolled Up’s next event, coming this Fall. We will be sure to let you know all about it.