The IDA 64th Annual Conference & Tradeshow

The IDA 64th Annual Conference & Tradeshow

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The International Downtown Association (IDA) and co-host, Centro San Antonio, proudly present the IDA 64th Annual Conference & Tradeshow, themed “Retropolitan: The New American City,” October 24-26, 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. Celebrating its 300th anniversary, San Antonio exemplifies the growing “retropolitan” movement nationwide – preserving a rich and diverse cultural history, while looking toward the future. We here at Style Lush TV are thrilled to hear of this national trend as we’ve based our entire company off the idea of celebrating forward progression while still protecting the cultural integrity of our city.

For decades, urban place management professionals have acted as leaders of their communities by undertaking the strategic and visionary work of city building. The 2018 conference will be organized around IDA’s seven official knowledge domains, recognizing the seven distinct areas of professional practice used to shape vibrant urban districts which anchor the well-being of towns, cities, and regions around the world.

Join over 800 inspired leaders shaping cities around the globe at this year’s conference showcasing the sustainability, creativity, preservation and heritage of San Antonio. Experience the moments that define “Retropolitan: The New American City” and join us in 2018 as San Antonio celebrates with grassroots initiatives, globally recognized cultural experiences, and transformative partnerships that will carry the city into the next 300 years.

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Call for Ideas and Speakers is Open

IDA is trying something new this year! You will have two options to submit either a full panel session including moderator and up to three panelists OR you may submit an idea with a related speaker.*

They are seeking speakers and sessions to explore how urban place management organizations form partnerships to achieve impact, embrace trends and solve problems that face downtowns and urban districts across the globe. From historic preservation, economic development, sustainability, infrastructure, affordability and social equity, to placemaking, public safety and homelessness. The challenges faced by urban place management organizations demand innovative and collaborative solutions to getting the job done.

Submit Ideas and Sessions IDASATX18


They invite you to submit today! Don’t delay, as the deadline to submit your idea is Friday, April 27, 2018, 11:59 PM PDT.

Ideas should fit within one of the seven core domains below. If you need assistance please contact Carolyn Dellutri, Director of Professional Development at

These seven core domains should act as a framework for urban place managers to utilize in furthering their professional careers and to aid in their work enhancing vibrant urban places. Urban place managers lead, curate, organize, convene, and push for positive change and economic growth.

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Economic Development

Business Recruitment; Business Retention, Market Analysis/Market Research; Real Estate Financing; Historic Preservation Financing; Real Estate Development & Redevelopment; Attainable Housing- Workforce and Affordable; Residential development; Nighttime Economy; Tourism; Innovative Financing Methods; Working with entrepreneurs through Incubators and Co-working spaces; Retail recruitment including restaurants, national chains, local independents and pop-ups.


Planning, Design and Infrastructure

Downtown visioning; downtown master planning; real estate development, zoning, land-use and permitting; streetscape improvements; transit-oriented development; multi-modal transportation; accessibility; sustainable infrastructure; open space planning; bicycle infrastructure; parking operations/management; way-finding; attainable housing initiatives and historic preservation.

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Public Space Management & Operations

Clean, safe and hospitality; placemaking; activation; parks and open space; homelessness, panhandling and social services; opioid epidemic; beautification and landscape; public safety; public art; sidewalk activations; facilities management; street banners and holiday décor; parklets; technology trends for managing, responding, tracking and reporting.

Policy and Advocacy

Government Relations; Research; Stakeholder/Community Engagement; Equity and Inclusion; Social Issues; Legislation.

Marketing, Communication, and Events


Branding; Public Relations; Public Engagement; Communications; Marketing strategies; Data and Metrics; Messaging and Reporting; Sponsorship and Fundraising strategies; Technology Trends; Crisis Communications plans.

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Organizational Management

Governance; District Assessment models, District Formation and enabling legislation; Operational Systems; Board Management; Managing your team; Non-Profit Finance.

Leadership Development

Leadership Skills; Visioning; Board Leadership including roles/responsibilities/expectations; Strategic planning with your team and board; External Relationship Building.


Deadline: Friday, April 27, 2018, 11:59 PM PST – submissions received after that date may not be considered. To get started, please log in to Submittable or easily create a free account. You can stop, save and return to your work at any time before the deadline.

* If submitting multiple ideas with related speaker information, please submit your ideas separately by clicking “submit” on your first idea and then returning to the Submittable form to propose your next idea.

Note: Submitting an idea or speaker does not guarantee selection. IDA reserves the right to select ideas and speakers to fit the needs of our diverse audience. Please remember that speakers are required to register for the conference. Options for daily registration will be available.

Attend the Conference

Pre-registration will open in May 2018. Information will be available on their conference website at that time. Stay up to date on the latest conference news by subscribing to their weekly e-newsletter, Inspired by IDA.

Looking forward to San Antonio? Start the conversation now on Twitter using #IDASATX18.