Watch the show, Top 10 Trends: Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

Watch the show, Top 10 Trends: Louis Vuitton Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear

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Louis Vuitton Spring 2018

10. The new LV Sneaker

The ultimate juxtaposition piece, the new LV sneaker was worm with everything! From cocktail dresses to Stranger Things tees, the new LV sneaker made its presence known.

9. Gold

We will be seeing metallics a lot! Some stand out gold pieces from LVS18 showcase frock coat interpretations and vests.

8. Light, Silver and Shine

This season, stand out cocktail dresses gleamed with silver upper body statements and a whole lot of flirty shimmer.

7. The Mailbox Purse

One of our favorite bags of the upcoming season, the LV mailbox purse was scene in many different moods: chic and neutral to cyber and sexy, this go to bag is both incredibly stylish and roomy for functionality.

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6. The One Offs

Sometimes collections have what I like to call “One-Offs”. They are single isolated styles that for one reason or another, stand alone in a collection. They don’t quite obey the “cohesive collection” rule that the industry has set for itself, but more often than not, are welcomed fashion to enjoy. LV had three fantastic one-offs: Our must-have Stranger Things Tee, the black western embellished leather jacket and this long beaded gothic gown. We say, to hell with cohesiveness, we always enjoy some good one-offs.

5: Peasant Sleeves 

A soon to be favorite of boho and festival fashion lovers alike, this season chiffon peasant sleeves reign supreme.

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4. Stripe Play

A surprising stand-alone trend snuck its way into the collection this season with stripe play showcasing stronger nods to athleticism.

3. Spring Leather

Although we here in the South may not be able to pull this one off, we can’t deny that the return of spring leather is incredibly exciting. Especially in black.


2. Waterfall Sleeves

To update the very popular cold shoulder trend, opt for a very loose and exaggerated waterfall shoulder this spring.

And coming in at #1: Style Lush TV’s favorite Louis Vuitton Trend of the season, Brocade Frock Coats

The strongest pull from royal centuries past were these gorgeous brocade interpretations of frock coats. To pull off the ultimate Louis Vuitton look, pair this with something modern and athletic.