SA fashion community gets officially acknowledged as Artists!

SA fashion community gets officially acknowledged as Artists!

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You may have noticed that Style Lush TV has been teasing about something big coming in MARCH! Well, we are very excited to finally launch information about this upcoming historic moment in San Antonio Fashion Community history.

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As we all know, sometimes fashion gets overlooked as an official artform. Even Andrew Bolton, Curator for the Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art openly admits that even now, some elite art entities at his own museum dismiss his department as art. We too, have yet to be officially recognized by the art community of San Antonio as an official artform, UNTIL NOW!

In case you are not aware, San Antonio is now nationally recognized as an Art City. This makes art the most important aspect of our city culture and elevates our creative community globally. Because of this, Style Lush TV believes that our fashion community should also be recognized as artists as well.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to be able to announce that Style Lush TV, in collaboration with Southtown The Arts District, will be hosting FASHION is ART is FASHION! The first and official celebration recognizing fashion in San Antonio as an art form! During this long overdue celebration, the fashion community will be acknowledged as artists and we will formally celebrate the inclusion of our genre into the San Antonio Art Community.


FASHION is ART is FASHION will take place March 10th at the Second Saturday Artwalk. Having been around for over 20 years, Second Saturday Artwalk is one of San Antonio’s biggest artwalks and attracts hundreds of people from San Antonio and around the world. FASHION is ART is FASHION will begin at 7pm with an opening speech, official acknowledgment by Southtown The Arts District and a ribbon cutting. That will be followed by the opening reception and exhibition featuring some of the most beautiful works of art by San Antonio Fashion Awards winners, past and present.

In addition to this wonderful news, Southtown The Arts District is promoting Style Lush TV’s status as a studio space. As part of our budgeted needs last year, our studio was a shared space. Two weeks Style Lush TV would be a fully functioning business, but then we would have to tear down for two weeks to sponsor an artist in our space for Second Saturday Artwalk. Now, as part of Southtown The Arts District’s formal acknowledgment of fashion being an important genre of art, they have asked Style Lush TV to have a permeant presence at the Artwalk and curate fashion based exhibits along with the other artists at Second Saturday. This, not only solidifying their acknowledgment of fashion as an art form, but also supporting Style Lush TV in its mission to serve the fashion community more efficiently by not having us tear down the business every month. We are incredibly excited for this huge moment; we will finally be able to pursue many things we have not been able to pursue in the past.

Fashion is Art! Fashion community are artists! We have always believed that, so when Style Lush TV came to us with this idea, we were all too excited to support. It was a no brainer. We are thrilled to nurture Style Lush TV as they graduate to the next huge phase in their company. We can’t wait to see Second Saturday grow once again and to meet the new and wonderful fashion patrons that Style Lush TV will attract.” Yvette Benavides, Southtown The Arts District.  


Additionally, Style Lush TV has been working diligently over the years to create grants and funding opportunities for our fashion community under our brand. With a goal of this year being the first year to launch an example of this, we are thrilled to network and celebrate the upcoming opportunity coming this fall. More to come later this year. In the meantime, we will be working hard to find current art grants and funding programs already available to our city and post them to the network, so that our fashion community can apply. With FASHION is ART is FASHION solidifying the inclusion of our genre as art, it is our hope that our fashion community gain a stronger chance at being recipients of these art grants and funding opportunities, thus helping our current fashion scene to grow.


FASHION is ART is FASHION is free, open to the public and is an official CAM (Contemporary Art Month) event. It will be held at the 1906 Art Warehouse in the Heart of Southtown The Arts District located at 1906 S. Flores, 78204.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join the movement, be a part of San Antonio history and come celebrate with us. Here’s to the ever evolving fashion community and its incredibly bright future!

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