Nina Sarahphina’s Hat Collection Launches in London!

Nina Sarahphina’s Hat Collection Launches in London!

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Nina Sarahphina is back in action again! The artistic brand created by this third generation clothing collector is taking on the retail world and has launched a hat collection in London. Her mission as a brand is to incorporate fashion, fitness, and fine arts as tools for creative development and in her latest accomplishment, Nina was overseas bringing fashionable headwear to the masses.


SLTV: Nina! We are always so excited to watch you go, go, go! You hats are incredible. They are what Strawberry Shortcake would wear if she grew up and got herself some fierce style. We want! Tell us a bit more about the pop up market in London?
NS: The collection was showcased during the International BeautifulYou FashionTour fashion show in London, and then went on sale at the vintage market  pop-up. They sold out within 3 hours ! Here is a link to the market.

SLTV: So wonderful! We are not surprised that they sold out so quickly. How did these London boutiques find you? 
NS: I actually reached out to them! I was looking for a place to sell that was accessible, unique, and affordable. I also wanted to be able to talk to the people who purchased them. Every single person that tried on a hat was immediately sold! That’s special to me. As a vintage collector, it means something to me to know where the merchandise is going and who is purchasing it.

Nina Saraphina

SLTV: You are a go getter! Love that. What is your relationship now with the people you networked with in London? Any new doors open?
NS: I made so many connections with this collection! When I return to London in September, I will have the chance to showcase looks from numerous vendors from the market. Although I have made the transition from stylist to designer with this collection, my primary role will always be creative director. I look forward to the fashion melting pot that I will showcase in the next London show, using vintage inspired wardrobe and pairing it with modern, contemporary style.

SLTV: Sounds awesome Nina. We are huge fans of your style. We hear that us Texans may have a chance at those hats too! Where exactly in Texas will you sell them? 
NS: I was so inspired by the vintage market in London, that I have decided to organize my own vintage market in Austin, TX. The very first one will be held April 22nd.

SLTV: Any plans to have these hats carried in a brick and mortar?
NS: Currently there are no brick and mortars that carry the collection. They will not be made available for retail until the promotional tour is complete. This is just an introduction to the world, and are exclusively sold on the tour.

SLTV: Any plan to expand product or will you launch hat collections seasonally?
NS: Rather than having my collection available in stores, my vision is to create a custom collection for designers. I see designers all over the world showcasing my hats in their own collections. That is the purpose of the tour: to introduce the collection and sell custom designs/prints to other designers. I will have the opportunity to do just that in Dallas, Texas April 8th. I will release the first custom collection with Designer Parker, a local Dallas designer who specializes in women’s leather couture.

SLTV: Well Nina, please keep us informed. We are so excited for everything that is happening with you and your brand. 



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