Disco, Punk, New Wave and Opulence, Catch Ken Downing’s Spring Trends!

Disco, Punk, New Wave and Opulence, Catch Ken Downing’s Spring Trends!

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It’s all 80’s, all the time! Ken Downing, Senior Vice President and Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus graced San Antonio today with his one-of-a-kind runway reports. Spring is here and 80’s lovers will rock and rejoice! Disco, punk, new wave, and opulence strolled down the pink runway and overall, the message promoted today was “Live the life you want and express yourself with clothes!


With 4 million worth of jewelry and an endless array of luxe brands, patrons oohed and aahed at the chic edge, curated by Ken Downing. Here are just some of the inspiring trends that caught our eyes and are definitely worth flaunting this season.


Make a statement with this spring staple. Too bold? Try pastel versions, pink with rose gold.

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“Everything you wear at night, wear during the day!” Gold takes center stage whether its day or night.

 Disco & Sequins

Add even more oomph with stripes and statement patterns.


Paired with a shade, lavendar gets tough and chic for spring 18.

Pins, brooches and brooch-esque buckles

Returning in multiples, pins, brooches and brooch-esque buckles are simple statement makers.

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The Biker Jacket

A timeless piece, biker and moto jackets are back! “Punk doesn’t mean you can’t be pretty.” – Ken Downing


Florals (with Stripes. In multiples. You can have it all.)

Looking to twist things up? Try floral on floral or maybe floral on stripes!


Navy is the new Black! Layer different textures and embellishment for that extra moment of glamour.

Tailored jacket

Think stronger shoulders and fall back into those pant suits! It all returns for a new era.

80’s icons & our personal fav, shocking pink

Strong nod to icons and iconic 80’s staples. Madonna, shocking pink, fishnet, fingerless gloves, and oh yes, those triangular boot heels.

metallics, (always!)

Metallics are back and layering is in! One bracelet just won’t do, stack, stack, stack!


Feathers in the morning. Feathers in the evening. Ken Downing says “more is more and less is a bore!”

There were just so many inspiring trends at this presentation. Here are some more of our personal favorites:

The embellished “army” jacket

Libertine, we love you! Everything about you. This season, our heart is yours.

Black Jumpsuits

Paired with 80’s hair, this look was va-va-voom!

Fishnet with opulence

When this came strolling down the runway, my heart skipped a beat. Vanilla fishnet paired with opulent fingers and embellished bag. perfection.

The cosmos meets punk

We think we found our next gala look. Always looking to throw a wrench in the gears, this pairing is in the #OOTE bank.

Animal print: zebra, leopard and tiger slowly coming back

Not ready to take a walk on the wild side? Animal prints this season are not so obvious, and are left a bit abstract.

The Cosmos hit footwear

Thanks to Giuseppe Zanotti, our go-to strappy heel this season will dawn images of the night skies.

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