San Antonian takes on the Big Apple and strives to make her business known!

San Antonian takes on the Big Apple and strives to make her business known!

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I can remember starting out in the work world, needing those timeless basics for interviews and first impressions. Unfortunately, being in fashion, my expectations for my first professional womenswear was a bit unrealistic. My taste and my budget were not exactly compatible. I’m sure many (even those not in fashion) can relate.

Meet Rani Maiti Marquez! A 2016 graduate from the University of the Incarnate Word, Rani, along with her degree in Fashion Design, moved to New York to pursue a solution for this exact problem. While living there, she met her business partner Milly Wang and now, they are currently striving to launch a business that would make professional womenswear chic and affordable.

left, Rani Maiti Marquez, right, Milly Wang

With a focus on the “new professional”, this innovative duo, takes special care to offer truly timeless basics that a novice can depend on without breaking the bank. From your basic blazer, your first white blouse and your first pencil skirt, these women spent many hours studying style, silhouette, fit, textiles and yes even color so that “your first professional womenswear” will not only serve you at interviews, but also, mix and match well with your trendy basics for other occasions.

Pick up an entire three piece set fro under $100.

Currently, Rani and Mily have taken to IndieGoGo.Com to raise enough funds to see this vision come to fruition. They are calling their business, Suit & Simple. The campaign will go until August 26th and much like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo offers a donation based platform so that outside public, friends and supporters can fund the amount Suit & Simple needs to meet their minimum requirements to place their first order.

Suit & Simple, IndieGoGo page available now.

Take some time to check out their video above, share this post and support a native San Antonian. We love seeing San Antonians striving for excellence in their entrepreneurship! We wish you ladies the best of luck and can’t wait to see the company take off. Stay tuned for more fashion news on Style Lush TV.