Top 10 Fashion Trends for Men’s Watches Right Now!

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Men’s Watches Right Now!

Shout out to our Guest Fashion Contributor, Thomas Eliot! He’s giving you the low down on the Top 10 Trends for Men’s Watches right now.

Top 10 Fashion Trends for Men’s Watches
By Thomas Eliot

Men looking for good styling tips first of all start with their appearance. They look for trendy haircuts, beard styles, outfits but most of all they focus on the accessories. Men like wearing stylish, eye-catching watches, which emphasize their masculinity and personality. While many go for classy styles others opt for sporty watches and brands, so today, I’ll be showcasing the Top 10 best men’s watches and watch trends for 2017.

10. Breitling men’s watches

Thus, the first big trend is the collection of Breitling men’s watches that come up with “serious” shapes, high-quality frames and impressive looks. These watches are known all over the world for their sophisticated design and modern style. A cool Breitling watch is a true instrument for professionals. It’s considered as one of the best 100% Swiss made timepieces. You can find it both in stores and online. The shades vary from

9. black to silver and from silver to light blue.

It’s a real thing to rock in 2017.

8. Lange & Söhne Watches

The next is the trendy Lange & Söhne Watch collection that never disappoints its fans. This brand offers cool designs and models for classy men. It captures many hearts with its

7. simple and sophisticated look.

The best watch of the collection is the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds. However, each can pick the one that suits his preferences and taste with styles ranging from black or brown straps and lighter-colored frames.

6. Avi-8 Watches

The main and most inspiring feature of Avi-8 watches is their creative combination between the straps and frames. With its fast-expanding range of

5. vintage-look


4. aviation-inspired models.

Avi-8 Watches attract most military personnel. The brand new AV 4041 Hawker Hurricane Spinning Roundel is the winner of this collection. It’s the most requested model of all Avi-8 watches. The shades of the straps stand between black, vintage brown, beige and grey combined with matching black or grey frames.

3. Audemars Piguet Watches & Rose Gold

Who says rose gold is a stylish color only for women? Look at this stunning and luxurious watch trend for men. It’s a glamorous and attractive choice for 2017. Audemars Piguet offers several styles of golden-shaded watches but the most requested one for 2017 is the royal oak pink gold or the same rose-gold. This watch is very spiffy and fashionable both in its hue and intricate design.

2. Bell and Ross Watches

Discover the latest collection of the Bell and Ross watches and choose the most creative one for 2017. It could be the traditional-looking BR123 Aeronavale watch with its cool combo of blue black and silver colors. Its deep blue dial and bezel carry gold highlights make it flashier and fancier. Men wearing these watches stand out with their posh taste and interesting approach towards the choice of stylish watches.


and 1. Bulgari Watches

Meet one of the most unique and original watch brands. It’s the popular Bulgari with its elegant range of impressive variations. It includes stealthy, black-clad Ultranero models with rose-gold highlights in time-only. Today this offers watches with more adventurous hues, such as red and blue and magnesium case in light and tough effects, which make it a perfect option for sportsmen. You can go for the Diagono Magnesium watch in 2017.