Fashion Round Up: 2017 Grammy Awards Fashions featuring Foxxy Blue Orchid!

Fashion Round Up: 2017 Grammy Awards Fashions featuring Foxxy Blue Orchid!


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Note from the Editor:
It was a hell of a workday on the day we filmed this episode of FRU. Bad luck just seemed to lurk in every corner. First, our star, Jeanelly Concepcion was feeling under the weather, then our main computer happened to go on the fritz, then our AC goes out on set, then once again, we had audio problems (How fitting since we are talking Grammys. E’hem, James Hetfield, I feel your pain.) But we plowed through and refused to not get this one out. One of the biggest things I have learned in the past five years is that bad luck WILL come your way. Life IS SURE to hand you HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE things, but it’s how you deal with them that defines who you are. Are you going to waste time and wallow in self-pity or are you gonna “Get Up, Get Out and Get Going”? Are you gonna cry and keep postponing a better future? Or are you gonna man up? Now, I personally, have been through HELL! It seemed that the universe wanted to constantly test me between the years of 2012 to January of this year. BOOOOY, they have been ROUGH. But let me tell you something… I’ve learned to PLOW! So go ahead computer, die on us. I’ll figure it out. AC, that will be fixed as well. Audio, there’s nothing I can do about you, but I’m gonna get this video out anyway! Compared to the things I’ve been through on a life scale, these items are a cakewalk. And so, that being said, please enjoy the fruits of our “Bad Luck Day” labor. In the end, I’m an optimist and I say, “things could’ve been worse”. The most important thing is that we had fun, we are supporting our fashion community and we spent time with our rock star friend Dino, who is, by the way, walking fashion-art as Foxxy Blue Orchid! Wait and see. Thank you Dora Vera for the makeup and hair art and Fashion Diva couture for the gorgeous dress. Jeanelly looked stunning. We hope you enjoy the show and remember, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU ONLY MAKES YOU STRONGER! (I have never truly understood the meaning of those words until this year.) Have fun with the show everyone.
Your Senior Digital Fashion Editor at Style Lush TV,
Burgundy Woods

This episode of Fashion Round Up is truly an exciting one! We have a very special guest with us, Foxxy Blue Orchid!

She’s San Antonio’s Gender-Bending Glam Bear Queen and we couldn’t have asked for a better guest to co-host this episode where we discuss the best looks of the 2017 Grammy Awards Red Carpet. Watch the episode to see all the fun we had talking about our favorite looks and favorite moments from the Grammys!

Top Looks

3. Paris Jackson Stuns in a Balmain Jumpsuit

Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

 Department for Culture and Creative Development

2. J. Lo is Flawless wearing Ralph & Russo

Photo Credit: Getty Images

1. Lady Gaga is Rockstar Chic in Marc Jacobs

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic



Foxxy’s Look

Jeanie’s Look was provided by local boutique Fashion Diva Couture