Second Saturday Street Style-A Style Trips Vlog

Second Saturday Street Style-A Style Trips Vlog



We stopped by #STADFest this past weekend to celebrate the latest art, music, & local vendor festival that took place in the Southtown Arts District.  ‘On November 12, 2016 STAD hosts it’s first district wide festival. Sharing our artists, food and drink, musicians, local shops, neighborhoods and diversity with you!’-STADFest Official Website

I attended in the evening  when most of the bigger, family oriented events already passed, but I made it just in time to check out the highly anticipated ESSENTIALS Studio Exhibit inside Gravelmouth Gallery. I have been looking forward to checking out this exhibit since I first saw the press for it in Austin. This collective group of talented artists, photographers, and other multi-media enthusiasts are originally from San Antonio, but have now relocated in Austin. Our very own Burgundy Woods sat down with some of the members to get an inside scoop of how they collectively work together to make magic. Check out the interview here on our #TrendTalk Channel! It was really neat to see certain individuals who I follow on Instagram be featured in the Essentials Studio exhibit, Amexican@ , like Austin native, @cybr.grl who has the kawaii-est aesthetic that I envy so much. Also LA influencer & Instagram famous ‘IT Girl’, Josephine Pearl Lee, aka @princessgollum . I’ve followed these individuals before I even knew they were muses for Essentials (anyone watch Black Mirror, Season 3, episode 1?) That feeling of ‘I know this person, but not in real life..’ overcame me as I stared into the photos of these beautiful women.

Not only was I extremely excited to check out the exhibit, but I was looking forward to what funky street style I could scope out while there. I’m a street style junkie and a lover of looks that aren’t basic. I knew I would hit the jackpot to find some of the stylish Second Saturday attendees. In an endless sea of plaid, jeans and boots, I discovered a few individuals who stood out to me that were ‘on point‘ as the youth say. Since I only filmed about 4 individuals including a quick snippet of what I wore that night, I’m making this #StreetBeat vlog, a Street Style Shopper’s Guide!


Everyone has their own individual idea of Street Style, and I’ve encountered many people who play off of the street style vibes and incorporate their own mix of fashion fun. For some, wearing bright colors, unique necklaces and chunky boots is a way of expressing their sense of style that goes against the norm. The modern day alternative kid holds no standards when it comes to their style, except that it must NOT look like everyone else. If that isn’t true for some of us, then I’ve been going about my personal style all wrong. When I first saw these two young ladies come into Gravelmouth, dressed in simple layers that made a statement, I had to film them.


Meet Nina Hawkins & Roxie, two beautiful creatives that have a strong sense of personal style. Nina Hawkins is a part of Essentials Studio and takes photos for the collective. Her work is breath taking and so is her amazing pastel UNIF moto jacket. I just saw that UNIF re-stocked this highly coveted item so I had to ask if I could film her. Nina is a thrifty shopper and scored hers off of Poshmark, but I found the original jacket on UnifClothing.Com. It’s pricey but the splurge is so worth it, plus they’re having a 25% off Site Wide Sale!


UNIF Pastel Moto- $178

Both Nina & Roxie were rocking chunky boots with cut-out detail that I’m obsessed with. I found similar pairs that could transition into any Fall wardrobe.


The chunkier, the funkier!


The Brat Platform-$188

The UNIF Brat Platform boot is an awesome addition to any chunky boot lovers collection. The front bill of the shoe is reminiscent of the 90’s style boots from Steve Madden (you know what I’m talking about if you remember the old Steve Madden Shoe Campaign). These Brat platforms are great with overalls, dresses, jeans, and any basic outfit can be boosted with these.

Now that we’re on the subject of shoes, can we just talk about those AMAZING thigh-high lucite heel boots that Ms. Burgundy Woods was rocking?! They were the perfect compliment to her peek-a-boo cut out shoulder, wrap dress. The mood of her #ootn was edgy but the boots made it sexy. Added with a textured clutch and matching silver jewels, her monochromatic look was my favorite. I’m all about the lucite ‘ghost heel’ trend and I have a pair of booties from Nordstrom that are from 2 years ago, but the thigh-high lucite boot is currently an obsession of mine. I found similar styles on Public Desire, one of my favorite Go To Shoes website for inspiration.


Burg’s Boots!!!


They come in an assortment of colors, perfect for the fall, but those grey suede ones…I swoon!


Embellished jackets aren’t a new trend but the aesthetic is blowing up all over the Internet, and I found one amazing DIY leather jacket that an attendee was rocking at Gravelmouth. Even the puffy paint she used was glow in the dark, and that just made it even more better.


I’m obsessed with the detail and her own personal touch with her unique design on the back. I did a Google search just to see what was trending in leather jacket embellishment, and I was blown away that the GUCCI embellished leather jacket was 1.) $13,000 & 2.) SOLD OUT.


GUCCI Leather Jacket-$13,000.

Not going to lie, my jaw dropped when I saw the price and I instantly thought…’I could do that myself.’ Though I don’t have a badass studding machine and my patience to stud by hand is limited, I found two great denim jackets at my work, MONTAGE that are budget friendly and eco-friendly. They’re detailed with a personal vintage touch that screams, unique.


Denim Western Jacket-$45


1980s DIY Embellished Jacket-$55

These two styles are my favorite and whoever snags them up is going to get a lot of compliments on it.

I hope you enjoyed my quick #StreetBeat style vlog, I wanted to do something different and highlight where to shop for these awesome pieces. I’m dipping into the world of personal styling and thought I’d share some of my favorite places to shop for beautiful, street style approved attire.

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Remember, Don’t ComPLAIN, Come Fancy 😉

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