Fashion Across Cultures Fashion Show-Presented By AI of SA

Fashion Across Cultures Fashion Show-Presented By AI of SA


This past Sunday I ventured out to the San Antonio Museum of Art to capture the creative fashion designs by students from The Art Institute of San Antonio. My fiance and I arrived just in time to capture the beautiful creations that came down the Red Carpet in the Sculpture Garden. It is rare that we go together to a fashion event, but his school, Cable Elementary, was the host for the arts and crafts portion of the First Sundays for Families at SAMA. We were greeted by his staff and administration and the crowds of NISD students and families was a sight to see. It was a tight fit trying to capture all the looks and while the Museum was still open to the public, I managed to capture some of the beautiful looks that the students made. Inspired by ancient artifacts and relics, students from the Art Institute of SA conjured up 2 to 3 looks that were influential of pieces from in and around the museum.


Artwork Presented by Cable Elementary Students


Artwork Presented by Cable Elementary Students

Department for Culture and Creative Development

I always enjoy going to events where, if the space is family friendly, you’ll hear the ooh’s & ahh’s that are present from young children who are exposed to our Fashion Community. I overheard one child say ‘how did they change so fast?’ Obviously, she was talking about the quick change that each model did. Her innocence and mesmerization of the models, who were provided by Nelson Fashion Group-The Agency, was charming and cheerful. Indeed the models did have a quick change turn around and one by one, they flaunted a new look. You could tell who were the crowd favorites when a buzz could be heard around the Red Carpet. Whispers of interest made the show feel like the audience was ready to purchase the designs right off the Runway! 

The San Antonio Museum of Art opened their doors for FREE for these NISD students and their families who don’t often get the exposure to events like this. Being in Online Fashion Media, I sometimes take for granted that I am able to see such awesome shows like this, almost weekly. If I had the opportunity as a young child to be exposed to certain events such as this, I would certainly be influenced to seek out more. At a young age, fashion wasn’t something that I felt I could make a living out of. In fact, I often discouraged myself from the thought because I always saw it as an unattainable dream. But thanks to programs in our public schools that give these children a positive experience to new learning ventures, they have a better chance of being inspired to continue with opportunities they may not have known about.

We didn’t get to see all the different activities going on, mostly because the rain put a damper on our plans to head out there sooner. However, catching the fashion show was the main attraction for me. I’m so glad that we didn’t miss this show. I truly was blown away by these up and coming designers from SA who have a unique, creative eye. Though the clothes could be seen as more of a Spring/Summer Collection, the textures and prints of certain designs played up on our somewhat cooler F/W weather. From silky florals to abstract skirts and easy to wear dresses, you can see the dedication the students put into their work. I try not to have favorites when I go to fashion shows, because I LOVE all the looks, but the three designs that stood out to me the most, are depicted in the end credits of my video. That baby blue, one shoulder, floral gown was a GORGEOUS vision by AI student, Dallas Alexius. It was reminiscent of something that a fashionista could wear to the San Antonio Fashion Awards! 

I hope you enjoyed my quick recap from this past First Sundays for Families Fashion Show Event! Congratulations to each designer for showcasing their hard work to quite a large audience. 




Artwork Presented by Cable Elementary Students

Stefanie Martinez

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