Community & Comics…SLTV Goes To Alamo City Comic Con 2016!

Community & Comics…SLTV Goes To Alamo City Comic Con 2016!


If you weren’t out at one of the many events going on in Downtown San Antonio this past weekend, then you missed out on some of the most funnest celebrations our city has grown to embrace! Whether you were Downtown at La Villita for Muertos Fest, or jamming out at Mala Luna Fest at Lone Star Brewery, there was something going on for everyone in our City. I was extremely happy to be attending Alamo City Comic Con for the fourth year in a row, thanks to my ‘Gambit’ fiance who was gifted a 3-Day Pass & Flash Pass (I recommend this pass if you hate waiting in ridiculously long lines for a few hours). Year after year we up our cosplay and this year, was probably one of our best years yet! My fiance attended as ‘Gambit’ from the 90’s Comic book version of X-men. Everything from his costume was completely thrifted and sewn on. His staff is actually a piece of bamboo from our backyard. Plenty of fellas gave him the ‘dude nod’ of approval for going all out, even his eyes were red like the character! I went as my alter-ego ‘GoGo Yubari’ from Kill Bill. I only wore that cosplay for one day at San Japan, so for this weekend I wanted to utilize my DIY cosplay for the 2 days we attended. Everything from my costume came from my closet, and my school day skirt was thrifted. Fun fact, my red bow tie is actually a small wallet attached to a choker. I wanted to add a pop of fun to my cosplay, so the bow purse from Hobby Lobby was perfect.


It is always a fun experience to see how creative our San Antonio community can get for ACCC! From giant, moveable robots, to the classic Super Heroes that come out to play, it was a thrill to see so many people embrace the comic book culture. Last year we thought we had topped the scale of Celebrity sightings when we saw Stan Lee in the flesh, but this year we got to spot a few more celebs that have influenced us as children or have blown up recently thanks to pop culture. I didn’t get footage or a photo but I did get to see Millie Bobby Brown, 11 from Stranger Things, pass right in front of me. She was so little & sweet & I can’t believe I was in her presence breathing the same air! Lol! You really never know who you’re going to see walking around the Henry B. Gonzalez Center.


I did run into local Media sensation, Go Fro! He definitely has his vlogger game on point as he was telling us all about the celebrities he got to interview, so cool! Check out his Social Media platform, and follow this fellow San Antonio Creative! I also ran into the 2016 San Antonio Fashion Awards Winner for ‘Streetwear Designer of the Year’ BROSEPH! He was slanging his goods in the Artist Boulevard representing High Five Shop in all it’s creative glory.

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Now as much as I tried to snag photos with other cosplay folk, I managed to only get video footage, but it’s all good. I was more then happy to be stopped by fans of the Kill Bill movies who recognized my costume. However, I did manage to run into my enemy, ‘The Bride’ from Kill Bill. If you aren’t familiar with the movies, check them out. Gore and ninja swords are my kind of action movies, so it was pretty cool to actually portray someone that I admire.


On a serious note, besides being there to check out the cosplay fashion, there was something that stuck out to me as we were being stopped & asked to take photos…it’s a strange phenomenon to be nice to those dressed in costumes, but why does society not act that way every day? Do costumes make us more friendlier? Can we have a better human interaction if every day we dressed as another character or portrayed a familiar face? It’s a humbling experience to be recognized, but at the same time, with all the chaos & cruel intentions going on in this world, what can we do to keep the positive momentum going? I urge every reader & follower, from near & far, to continue to be nice & positive to those they surround themselves with. We never know what our fellow human being is battling within, so a smile or a ‘have a nice day’ gesture can change anyone’s mood in an instant. Costume or not, we must each strive to make this World more safe for future generations. I do not have children of my own, but as an aunt to two wonderful little boys, I enjoyed seeing the faces of small children light up when they stopped to take photos with Super Man, or Deadpool or Iron Man. To them, these characters came to life & their childhood innocence was visible to any adult. To feel that presence of innocence & kindness, made my heart swell up. I commend the ACCC team for putting together another great event! Each year it gets bigger & better, and I can’t wait to see who will be in our small but growing City next year. Maybe next year I’ll be able to snag an interview or two with some guest celebrities, but until then, if you plan on going to Alamo City Comic Con next year, my advice to you is…wear comfortable shoes! 😉



Stefanie Martinez

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