#MCM-Gucci Menswear Fall 2016-SAFA Approved

#MCM-Gucci Menswear Fall 2016-SAFA Approved




With the 2nd Annual San Antonio Fashion Awards happening THIS THURSDAY, I wanted to dedicate this blog post to the Avant Garde, far out stylish menswear that came down the Runway for GUCCI F/W ’16. I’ve had a few male nominees reach out to me asking, ‘what should I wear?’ Sure, you could go for the classic tuxedo or the basic suit & tie, but here at Style Lush TV, we encourage everyone to ‘dress to express‘! What’s more expressive then a funky, mixed print suit, or a textured, monochromatic ensemble? Take a look at the six outfits that I personally felt drawn to (and not because the models are gorgeous), and get inspired to walk the Red Carpet in style. Now I’m not saying you need to purchase a $3000 Gucci outfit, but I am saying that these looks can help give you an idea of how to stand out at the San Antonio Fashion Awards!

Look #1: Dreaming of Baby Blue


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos/indigitalimages.com


When you think baby blue, you think Saturday Night Fever, am I right? Giant lapels in a darker shade, a detailed ‘heart breaker’ patch, and a Pharrell-sized hat to boot, pastels still play a part in the Fall/Winter scene. This suit is the ideal style to keep it modest but fresh. Shirt optional.

Look #2: Color blocking Three-Way


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos/indigitalimages.com


Color blocking is always a favorite of mine. No matter how you mix 3 hues, whether they compliment each other or not, the outcome can be superb. And in case it does drop down to the chilly 60 degree weather we’ve just now started to experience, a classic turtleneck will keep you warm. Pile on the rings, step into your favorite loafers, and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a night out of celebrating our diverse Fashion Community.

Look #3: Print On Print


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos/indigitalimages.com


You might think this is a little over the top and it might be out of your comfort zone, but who wouldn’t want to rock a head to toe, floral print suit. If the stylish Michael Quintanilla can rock a suit covered in San Antonio Express-News covers, then YOU TOO can rock a print on print suit.


Photo Credit: @SanAntonioFashionAwards Instagram


Now I don’t personally dig the hat, but those red shoes are everything! A pop of color will complete the outfit.

Vestigio Banner

Look #4: Silky Suits


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos/indigitalimages.com


Another favorite of mine is this cloudy, silky suit. The print is a mix of what I can only describe as coffee creamer blending in your cup of joe, though some may describe it as muted florals. The color is neutral but the look speaks for itself. Again, shirt is optional, but if it’s cool, you might want to add a turtleneck. Preferably a chocolate brown to add that Fall touch.

Department for Culture and Creative Development

Look #5: Wide Leg Pants & Pink


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos/indigitalimages.com


A man who can wear pink, is a man who isn’t afraid to break the gender norm. Pastel hues aren’t just for women and GUCCI has made that clear. This style is very 70s meets the modern man. I love the wide leg pant, the print, the tie, everything is on point with this look. Don’t be afraid to mix it up from your casual black suit & tie with a white button up, give yourself a chance to try COLOR!

Look #6: Florals For Fall


Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos/indigitalimages.com


GUCCI this Fall Season, definitely doesn’t shy away from using feminine florals on masculine silhouettes. A classic light grey suit splattered with neutral tone flowers, and a pop of color, gives your manly sense of style, a boost. Quarter sleeves make this look casual, but there’s nothing casual about showing up on the Red Carpet in a daring look such as this.

J June Banner 2016

Even if you don’t take my style advice for this year’s Awards (I promise my feelings won’t get hurt), I hope that you find the right ensemble that makes you feel like a WINNER! Good luck to ALL the Nominees, I look forward to oohing & awing at your outfit of the night.


*All photos belong to Yannis Vlamos of indigitalimages.com, sourced from Vogue.Com.


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