Tickets for the San Antonio Fashion Awards go on sale September 17th at the Tobin Center website.

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It’s red carpet season. If you keep up with your online fashion sources you’ll see galas, film festivals, socialite events and in our neck of the woods, the San Antonio Fashion Awards, right around the corner in October. We get asked multiple times a day for red carpet fashion tips. Well here we go.

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Recently we attended the Fall Trends Fashion Show at Neiman Marcus and although everything was equally stunning, there were three trends that seemed to pop up multiple times during the presentation. So if you are stumped as to what to wear come October 13th, here are some fun inspiration sparkers that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Blue Velvet

Not just a David Lynch movie, blue velvet was a popular stunner down the catwalk. We loved the switch from traditional black and anticipate showstopping sheen when those Tobin Center lights hit your ensemble at all angles.

Photo by Semon Tam
Photo by Semon Tam

Other style statements we are loving in these ensembles are the velvet footwear for men and the mixing of textiles around the neckline. We adore the stacking of sheer, lace and velvet to create the ultimate neckline statement.

2. Fur

Sure, we are Texas, but that is even more of a reason to surprise everyone on the red carpet and flash that fur. Nothing says red carpet like a nod to tradition with a stunning fur or faux fur piece for an evening of ultimate glamour. (Once again, notice the blue hues, popping up once again. Seems to be a popualr color this coming season)


Photo By Semon Tam

Photo By Semon Tam

Other style statements we are loving in these ensembles is sparkle. Come October 13th, expect to see lots of sparkle. From the Diamond Award of Excellence, to the jewelry that will dawn the patrons of the evening. Even your apparel can show off some shimmer.

and 1. Spring Themes

I have always been one to throw a wrench in the style gears. If my outfit screams “Go with the black heels. It matches.” you can bet I’ll be reaching for the albino pythons instead. Rebelling again the predictable is a signature style statement of mine, so it should be no surprise that my favorite red carpet fall trend is a not-so-predictable nod to Spring themes. Here are my two favorites: florals and “spring” color. In this case, we have delicates and impressions as well as a striking sky blue. Gorgeous.

Photo By Semon Tam

Photo By Semon Tam

Personally, I think I will be embracing this trend this year. My goal color pallet will be lavender and nude, but we will see. I may even change my hair once again, but you’ll just have to attend the ceremony with us to see what happens.

I can’t wait to walk that red carpet with you. Stay tuned for more on Style Lush TV, your online fashion television network.



Burgundy Woods

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