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It’s only been about 2 weeks since San Japan 009 came & went but it was by far one of the best overwhelming, fashion filled events I’ve been to in a while. My heart and soul were overjoyed to see all the kawaii cosplayers and just people in general enjoying the world of ANIME! Last year was my first time attending the San Japan con, and in its’ almost decade long tradition of celebrating the Japanese animation, I am constantly blown away by how huge our anime lover scene is here in San Antonio. Now that Summer is officially over and the seasons of style are changing (except here in Texas) it was a great refresher to see how creative the anime community can be when it comes to cosplay. I personally didn’t think I was going to be able to make it this year, but when there’s a will, there’s a way! I had been working on my DIY Cosplay since the Summer but I assumed I would have better luck finding the right pieces for my Day 1 Cosplay…GoGo from Kill Bill! Unfortunately when life hands you limes when making lemonade, you just go with it. My DIY cosplay was a huge success and I was easily recognized by true Kill Bill fans. I pretty much had every piece to my DIY cosplay except the school girl uniform skirt. I created my own ball and chain weapon from scratch. It was complicated but it brought the entire outfit together.



I attended San Japan for Day 1 and 2 and by Day 3, I was wiped out from all the walking I did, looking and capturing the fun cosplay that was to be seen. I dressed up as GoGo for Day 1 but I’m reserving my full on costume for Halloween/Alamo City Comic Con. Day 2 I was extremely excited to finally wear two of my favorite local SA designers, Samantha Plasencia and Valerie Perez. I had purchased the kaleidoscope, colorful top at Element Boutique on the day of their grand opening and by chance I happen to run into Valerie who so graciously gifted me the iridescent skater skirt of my dreams! I had been lusting over this piece from her ‘In Love & Color’ Spring Collection. Together my #OOTD made for a perfect Harajuku inspired outfit. Tons of ladies and fellas gave me compliments on my kawaii outfit and it felt pretty righteous to say ‘Thanks! They’re local designs!’ Cause ya know..we have to brag about how talented our SA designers are.


Harajuku Stenny! Featuring Samantha Plasencia Designs & Valerie Perez, Verseau Apparel.

Vestigio Banner

J June Banner 2016

From robots to Godzilla, to a blend of the kind of inspirational Japanese fashion that the youth are obsessed with, San Japan is a one of a kind experience. You don’t have to know every character from every show, but you can sense how creative these young and older fans are. My favorite characters to scope out were the Sailor Moon characters. With the relaunch of the popular 90s cartoon, Sailor Moon Crystal, the cosplayers were a many. I was obsessed with the mom and daughter cosplay of Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon (as seen in the video above). That’s ultimate family #goals right there!


GoGo and FLCL ‘Conti’ Robots


Kawaii Cosplayers at San Japan 009

Department for Culture and Creative Development

On Day 2 I was really excited to see some live action Harajuku inspired fashion and what better way to check it out then to deck myself out in Harajuku inspired style. Yes I’m 27 but age is just a number and dressing like my former high school self really made me feel confident that I can still rock the heck out of some kawaii clothes (and get away with looking 10 years younger too..). First off on the Runway in the Lila Cockrell Theatre was the J-Fashion brand @galaxxxyrocksus. Infused with quirky, neon bright club kid wear and functional, every day pieces, the Galaxxxy fashion show was by far my favorite. All the models were local so it was heart warming to see true, kawaii loving ladies wear the Galaxxxy brand with a sense of pride. They each rocked their looks with fun poses and a unique sense of personal style.

Next on the Fashion Runway schedule was the brand MINT NeKo, a cat lovers dream clothing line! MINT NeKo is inspired by the casual, laid back lazy style that many are gracefully wearing on and off the streets of Japan infused with a cute little cat character. With Fall on its way (hopefully soon here in Texas), the line contained cozy sweaters, hoodies, dresses, and casual menswear attire that’s perfect for the season. There was even a Q&A section after the Fashion Show, and the head designer MINT answered a few questions from the crowd. *He was devilishly handsome even though his first time to Texas made him get ill* The crowd of adorning ladies sympathized with him as we all know it’s tough to adjust to the Texas heat and insane allergen problem.



Last but certainly not least, was #InnocentWorld. If you’ve never seen or heard of Lolita Fashion, this is the eye opener for you. Innocent World caters to women and young ladies who love to pull off the full on look of Lolita Fashion. From petty coats, to stockings and fun, lady like silhouettes, the Lolita Fashion line did not disappoint. The models each had their final pose on point and I loved seeing how they gracefully walked the stage with such confidence. I admire these ladies for dressing up in what was some pretty warm weather during the Labor Day weekend. But they rocked it with grace and pride! Designer Yumi Fujiwara even hosted a Lolita style inspired Tea Party, unfortunately I wasn’t dressed for the occasion and didn’t make it on time to check it out *womp*, but next year I want to really get to know the ladies behind the Lolita obsession.


Thank you again to the awesome staff at San Japan for letting Style Lush TV be present again for this years’ awesome celebration of anime and fashion! Next year marks the 10th year convention and I know it will be one you definitely DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

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Also here’s a list of shops that I stopped by and featured in the video! (some of them are listed, not all…)