Road to the Red Carpet: Actress Corina Calderon gets ready for the Suicide Squad Premiere

Road to the Red Carpet: Actress Corina Calderon gets ready for the Suicide Squad Premiere

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The highly anticipated film, Suicide Squad, debuts this weekend and we are so excited! All of us DC Comics fans have been following very closely as very little details have been released throughout the past year and a half. From the announcement of Jared Leto as the Joker, and Margot Robbie as Harley to supermodel Cara Delevingne’s portrayal of Enchantress, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the film’s release. Some of us are waiting to see what the characters will look like, the wild fashions behind the wardrobe and the similarities between this version and any recognizable version from any comics, cartoon series, video games or previous movies.

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When you scroll down the the cast list, pay close attention to the only female Hispanic name. That’s Corina Calderon! An Illinois born, Texas raised, Latina beauty in a pivotal role tied to one of the main characters. We were thrilled to know that the Austin based actress would have such a crucial role in the film! I had the pleasure of meeting Corina and getting to know her on a personal level last Winter, while she was spending time in Texas with family and visiting her sibling, who lives right here in San Antonio. Corina is an inspiring young woman, who moved from Texas to Hollywood, and has definitely shown that through hard work, dedication and a true “never give up” spirit, we can all achieve our dreams, no matter how unattainable they might seem.

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Corina identifies as a Chicana/Tejana, deeply influenced by her Mexican-American heritage when it comes to selecting her acting roles and her personal style. “I look for clothes that make me feel beautiful, confident and really accentuate my body”, in an exclusive statement for Style Lush TV. She’s inspired by her Grandmother and Mother, “by the way they’ve always taken care of themselves and are put together”.

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When it comes to Calderon’s role and on-set wardrobe, director David Ayer, whom she had worked with before on the 2012 film, End of Watch, wanted to portray her character as a strong Latina woman who takes care of her family by staying very true to her roots. “My role is very special to me because Diablo and I are the Latinos in this movie. We’re the Latin Impact of this film. This is a huge DC Comic film! You really are going to see Diablo’s heart and my role just humanizes him and enhances that rich back story”, says Corina. –Goosebumps


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The movie premier was held in New York on Monday, Aug. 1st and during the previous week, Corina made us part of her selection process for her Red Carpet look via social media. She took to Facebook, posting several of her options, allowing us to weigh in on them. Until finally stepping out in a beautiful A-line skirt, spaghetti strap gown with a sweetheart neckline by Zara Umrigar. “This dress not only felt that it embodied my essence as Corina, but also Grace. It was very “Diablo”, emulating that world with an air of mystical.”, stated Calderon.

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We’re not about to spoil the film for you all, so be sure to catch Suicide Squad this weekend. Don’t miss Corina in the film, she’s surely going to blow our minds! She’s definitely not going anywhere and we’re proud to claim her as a Texan! We’re so excited to feature her on Style Lush TV with this EXCLUSIVE look into her road to the Red Carpet. This will surely get our juices running towards our very own Red Carpet, at the San Antonio Fashion Awards on October 13, 2016!

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