San Japan Model Casting Call, J-Fashion Lovers Encouraged!

San Japan Model Casting Call, J-Fashion Lovers Encouraged!

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San Japan, the largest anime convention in South Texas, is hosting a MODEL CALL for 3 fantastic Japanese Fashion Brands that will be showcasing at this year’s convention! Last year, I was able to attend my FIRST San Japan events and honestly…it was THE.BEST.THING.EVER! I am a product of the early Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z era that became mainstream in America in the late 90’s. Anything and everything that has to do with anime or Japanese fashion, I’m all over it! Though my personal style and taste in clothes has evolved like a Pikachu with a mature sense of fashion, I admire those who live vicariously thru their love of J-Fashion! From Lolita inspired Tea Party dresses and quirky cosplay, the anime world offers so many variations of fashion that’s made for everybody. I can’t wait to attend this year’s con, ready and dressed up as my favorite character…(I can’t reveal it just yet ^_~). I’m looking forward to attending the Fashion Shows as well, especially since there will be some Japan brands that are first timers showing off their great designs here in our beautiful city.

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Recently, the San Japan organization released all the information for their MODEL CALL! How exciting! Who wouldn’t want to be adorned with unique, beautiful dresses that are foreign, yet fashionable. The moment I saw the original post, I went to to see all the information about the casting call for the 3 Japanese brands that will be on display. Now I’m not claiming to have any expertise nor a professional resume filled with model casting calls, but I have had the pleasure of walking a runway or 2 for local SA designer, Elizabeth Hernandez during Runway En La Calle. It was one of the most surreal, terrifying but funnest moments I ever got to experience. As much as I love fashion, I never imagined I’d be asked to actually display it for people to see, and a lot of people at that. But there’s something so fun about being on a Runway, and I write this to encourage anyone and everyone who loves both anime and fashion to SIGN UP!

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Looking back on growing up with a love for the Japanese culture, my resources and shopping options were primarily limited to the Internet and even then I couldn’t afford to pay overseas shipping for all the kawaii things I needed! Conventions like San Japan are what helps bring an entirely different realm of fashion to the States. Not long ago, San Japan and various anime con’s only display of the culture was that of the cosplay attendees in the costume contests. The demand of how many young girls and women are wanting to wear designs from these brands has since blossomed from only a handful to thousands upon thousands! Fashion plays such a HUGE role in the world of anime, and to have the opportunity to walk the stage in some of the coolest threads from the Land of the Rising Sun, SIGN ME UP! San Antonio needs full on exposure to show how diverse and unique other cultures are when it comes to fashion and personal style. What they bring to our City to show us that fashion just isn’t about cowboy boots and short shorts, it’s about displaying your true self. Yes this style of fashion is not for everyone, but it is for those who are open minded and continue to press on for the world to see we are all uniquely made. However we choose to dress is an expression of that, and I encourage young girls to live out their fashion fantasies and just go for it! There are so many emerging genres of fashion that I would have only dreamed of existing when I was in my teens, now there’s something for every type of gal/boy who’s into cosplay!

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I’ll be 100% honest here and say that some of these brands are new to my eyes but the culture and the appreciation for Japanese Street Style has always been the main reason why I plan on moving to Tokyo in the distant future. I did my share of Instagram stalking and instantly became obsessed with GALAXXXY, one of the Harajuku inspired lines coming to San Japan.

‘galaxxxy is a Japanese Harajuku fashion brand, influenced by a scattered virtual world of past and future music, anime, streetwear, and net culture. Founded in 2008 by Hiromi Kishii, galaxxxy has grown to be a beloved brand in the J-Fashion world, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, anime, manga & video gaming. In 2016 galaxxxy is spreading outside Japan, with the goal of sharing our fun, colorful, and energetic world with everyone across the globe!’San Japan Website

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Also another brand coming is MINT NeKO. Now if you know me personally or we’re Online Friends, you know I’m a full fledged cat lady. Cats and cat things in general, including fashion, are just one of the many things that make my heart beat. The cuteness of MINT NeKO and the simple design of this labels’ mascot, neko translates to cat in Japanese, is a combination of success for all cat lovers!

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The requirements for the San Japan Lolita Program are now Online and what I think is so rad about it all is that it’s open to all types of beautiful women! Have colorful, kawaii hair? No problem! Got tattoos on display? Show ’em off in some killer J-Fashion! No model/runway experience necessary! For more information visit to check out the rest of the requirements and catch a glimpse of last year’s Fashion Show. If you’re truly into Japanese Fashion, this is something you don’t want to miss out on! Style Lush TV will be there, so if we spot you, say HI & let us show off your San Japan Fashion!!! ^_^ The deadline to sign up is Sunday, July 31st! San Japan 009 will be September 2-4, 2016 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

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Check out the fun fashion coming to this year’s San Japan featuring #Innocent World, MINT NeKO, and galaxxxy.