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Style Lush TV recently attended the 2nd Annual Dressed to Give Fashion Show and it was such a beautiful event.  It was filled with so much entertainment, performances and of course FASHION!  The glamorous event was held at the beautiful St. Anthony Hotel and it was the perfect backdrop for such a meaningful event.  

The 2nd Annual Dressed to Give is a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The event was founded by Dr. Damon Ross as part of his advocacy to help raise awareness for leukemia and lymphoma, diseases that have affected several people close to his heart.

The fashion show featured 12 international designers, 60 adult models and 30 children, some of whom are cancer warriors and survivors. The guest speaker of the night was the incredible pint-sized, world-renowned motivational speaker, King Nahh. Known for his desire to entertain, educate and empower the world’s children, youth and young adults, this inspiring third grader has worked with community civic leaders as they work to address issues plaguing inner city communities by developing solution-oriented programs. Aiden G, named the Most Beautiful Baby in the World, will also appear as part of the show.  The event was filled with so many wonderful designers that we had to break this coverage up into 3 parts! 

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Today we bring to you Part 2, featuring HKD Custom and newcomer, NYDT (Not Your Daddy’s Ties) and it is more than a match made in heaven!  Susie McKinlay is the founder of HKD Custom as well as the co-designer to NYDT which was founded by the sweet and lovely Alex Shipley.  They recently put their heads together to come up with the most modern and fun twist to a guy’s classic get up.

I’m often asked by many of my male friends if they should wear a tie or a bow tie when choosing an outfit for “guys night out” or a wedding or a corporate party or whatever the occasion may be and for me it’s a definite no brainer…A BOW TIE! However, with this collaboration, my new answer will always be “A NYDT BOW TIE, DUH!”  Together their designs complete each other and it’s almost an insult to have one without the other because of their complimentary cohesiveness.  The sharp tailor skills and genius mix ‘n’ matching of textiles of HKD’s suits combined with the fun prints of NYDT bow ties will elevate any man’s #OOTN instantly yet in a fun and dapper way! A couple of years ago it was a trend to see men in their business suits flashing their socks with funky patterns and today I can see them doing the same but instead flaunting and comparing their NYDT Bow ties!  

Hope you enjoy the show as much as I did! 

To find out more about these lovely ladies and where you can purchase your HKD Custom Suit or NYDT Bow tie click any of the links below: 

HKD Custom Website

HKD Custom Facebook

NYDT Facebook

NYDT Instagram

Erica Torres

FORMER STYLE CONTRIBUTOR Erica is a grad student from the International Academy of Design and Technology in San Antonio, Texas. Having been a biology major first, Erica wears her big heart on her sleeve and that attribute made it a bit of a challenge to become a radiologist. Along with the influence of her peers, she decided to follow her heart and pursue a career in fashion. That major life decision opened many doors and presented one-of-a-kind opportunities. During her career in fashion, she participated in over 20 fashion shows and produced 5. She is currently enjoying a successful career in real estate.