Filmed By: Burgundy Woods / Edited By: Stefanie R. Martinez / MUSIC BY: MNYNMS / TRACK: ‘Oracle’BANNER ChannelsPhoto Cred: Pete Batista

On Saturday, April 9th, I was honored to present Jose Ramirez during his event, Una Noche De La Lechuza.  If you were not there, you missed the opportunity to enjoy a truly phenomenal night.  

Marry The Night Collection

For me, however, this night was a proud moment in my life.  I have known Jose for 4 years now and we first met when we were attending the International Academy of Design and Technology.  He was a senior and I was a third year student and I had been cast as the head producer of the school’s annual IMAGINE Fashion Show.  Let me point out that I met his collection before I actually met him.  While determining the lineup for the show I had to choose by their sketches.  There was a total of 12 designers and I was of course fascinated by his, “Marry The Night” collection on paper,  I kept gravitating towards it and ultimately selected him as my headlining designer.  As we began progressing with the show and having our fittings, I finally got to meet him!  And as his collection came to life I was even more blown away, I knew right then and there that he was going to go so far in his career.  I was instantly one of his biggest fans and vowed to always support him in all that he does.  Since then we have worked on several shows together and with each show he has proven to be better than the last, proof of growth.

Dita Meets Lucy Collection

Dita Meets Lucy Collection

His noteworthy talent in 2013 earned him the bragging rights as being the first-ever winner of the Current Collections competition of Fashion Week San Antonio.  He competed alongside 3 other designers including fellow San Antonio notable designer, Samantha Plasencia.  Jose stole the show with his “Dita Meets Lucy” collection which pretty much catapulted him to the top as one of San Antonio’s prominent fashion designers.


Photo Cred: Adrian Espinoza

To date he has mastered his signature touches that make his designs easily recognizable.  Such as showing off his fascination with movement, his risk-taking capabilities in playing with texture and his realization that POCKETS on a dress will make any woman swoon!! Am I right or am I right ladies??

Today we are so honored and proud to present to you the Video LookBook Series: Episode 2 which features Jose Ramirez Design’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, La Lechuza.  I am so inspired by his tremendous growth as a designer and as a person! I am so proud to call him my friend and San Antonio should be even more proud to call him its very own Local Fashion Designer. 


We’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone involved with this incredible project!

Paloma Alexandre of The Agency Fashion & Talent Group by Lari Nelson. She proves how versatile and hard-working that she is as she stars in yet another one of our Video Lookbook episodes. Job well done Paloma.

Makeup by the talented, Jairus Johnson, you’re application of her look in this film was extraordinary!

Pete Batista and Freddy Camargo of Nocturna Studios. for letting us use their perfect place of establishment to film.  We could not have done it without this location!

Music from Texas music artists MNYNMS for lending us their “Oracle” track.  Find all their latest info on their website: www.mnynms.com and stay up to date with them by following them on their social sites:

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Erica Torres

FORMER STYLE CONTRIBUTOR Erica is a grad student from the International Academy of Design and Technology in San Antonio, Texas. Having been a biology major first, Erica wears her big heart on her sleeve and that attribute made it a bit of a challenge to become a radiologist. Along with the influence of her peers, she decided to follow her heart and pursue a career in fashion. That major life decision opened many doors and presented one-of-a-kind opportunities. During her career in fashion, she participated in over 20 fashion shows and produced 5. She is currently enjoying a successful career in real estate.