MUA Spotlight: Get the Look by Dora Vera

MUA Spotlight: Get the Look by Dora Vera


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Note from the Style Contributor, Jeanelly Concepcion:

I met Dora Vera via one of our favorite hair stylists, Dominic Alonzo, at the 2 year Anniversary party for Salon DMA last Summer. I found her to be very sweet, with a touch of shyness. I bumped into her and Rachelle Palasota, from Amiche Jewelry, at a restaurant and she asked me to stay for a chat. She absolutely blew me away with her views on Girl Power and the power of sisterhood. The one thing that she said, I will never forget, “Don’t tell a woman that she’s looking great, tell her how great her hustle is!” I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of Dora in the near future!

SLTV: Tell us about yourself! How long have you been working as a Make-up Artist?
DV: My name is Dora Vera. I have been a makeup artist I think since middle school without evening knowing it, since I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, I always just played with it. I began my “real” makeup journey in 2011.

SLTV: How did you get started in the Beauty Industry?
DV: My journey began at good old Sephora. I was only suppose to work as a seasonal employee but was asked to stay and become a full time cast member.



SLTV: What inspires you?
DV:  At this point in my life the truth inspires me. There is so much untrue information about makeup out there and to know that there is an actually science behind my craft is super exciting!!!

SLTV: Which Hollywood star or Musician is your muse?
DV: My Hollywood star or Musician muse would probably be Gwen Stefani. Since I was a kid I always loved her style and confidence.

SLTV: What are your favorite Beauty trends for 2016?
DV: My favorite 2016 trend is the no makeup, makeup look!

SLTV: What are you Make-up/Fashion Do’s?
DV:  I always love a fresh face!

SLTV: What are you Make-up/Fashion don’ts?
DV: A big makeup don’t is harsh lines!

SLTV: What other tips or advice can you give us when it comes to applying our own make-up?
DV: I always say to invest in good quality brushes. A good set of quality brushes will go a long way!

SLTV: What do think the future holds for the Fashion Community in San Antonio?
DV: I think the future is bright for our fashion community. I appreciate artists, like Style Lush TV, that take a stand and put themselves out there for the betterment of our community. We have TONS of great artists here and I am excited for the future of our city!

*Photos provided by Dora Vera. Photo Credits: Louis Scott, Johnny Richer and Don Hopkins

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