And Then There Were TWO! A Look At DIY Jackets & Our Love For STUDS!

And Then There Were TWO! A Look At DIY Jackets & Our Love For STUDS!

Filmed & Edited By Stefanie Renee | Song: ‘4 The Luvs’ | Artist: Unknown

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From Runway to Street Style, the Studded Jacket has now become the staple Must Have in every cool girl’s closet, and no longer just a symbol of Anti-Fashion Conformism in the Punk Rock World . Owning a simple, chic leather jacket is one step into the rebel girl style, but add some studs and a few patches and you’ve gone from boring to badass in seconds! As the popular trend resurfaces every NY Fashion Week, as seen on a celebrity or blogger or both, the studded jacket has become a coveted pricey piece of fashion real estate to own. DIY is one of the best ways to create your own unique jacket or shoes, or hat, or whatever it is you want to stud without spending thousands of dollars..unless you’re into fancy bedazzling Swarvoski crystals, then we’re all for it! But there’s just something so soothing and quite relaxing about making your own piece of wearable art. I definitely could not have even begun to try to attempt to make a cool jacket like Burgundy has without her help! I appreciate all the sewing she did just to make my patch, she’s a definite #GirlBoss with many talents.


Burg Sewing My SLTV Patch!







So yes, it’s TRUE, there are now TWO Style Lush TV  DIY studded jackets roaming around the streets of San Antonio! Freshly studded & hot off the sewing machine, Burgundy and I are now the proud owners of what we’d like to call ‘the trend that never died.’ There are so many different types of DIY influenced projects that are circulating the Internet right now and what better project to commit myself to then a thrifted denim jacket. It’s easy, inexpensive (sort of) and a great way to certainly jazz up your own unique style.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.35.35 PM

A Denim Vest From Forever21 That I Studded Out! I Love My Friends’ Comments! 😛

From the time I heard the first punk rock song to ever influence me, I tried to embrace the ‘punk, rebel grrrl’ style full on. However, when you’re young and your personal style is suppressed from always wearing a school girl uniform, it’s hard to express your love for the music’s influential style. I never could fully commit to being a ‘punk rock’ girl but I certainly came into my own style when the ’emo kids’ of MySpace were a buzz. That was certainly the ‘trendy’ new way to be ‘punk’ in a sea of Abercrombie and American Eagle fashion. It felt like so long ago but a decade of looking back on my fashion choices has me feeling all sorts of nostalgia. My love for the studded out anything is certainly a reflection of what I loved back then.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.05.58 PM

My First YouTube Influenced Purchase…Dulce Candy Studded ‘Lita’ Boot In Turquoise!









My Favorite Simple Studded Leather Jacket. It’s Lasted Me Going On 6 Years & It’s From TARGET!













It’s always pretty obvious when Fashion History repeats itself. There are a few ‘trends’ that don’t need to come back, but I see with every new wave of younger generations growing up and having better access to online How-To-Whatever-YouTube-It, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making a DIY jacket. Since the biggest piece of clothing I’ve studded is a simple denim vest, I’m excited to take on the challenge of turning this $10 thrifted denim jacket into a one of a kind piece of wearable art. Just like my graffiti dress, I want to make this jacket into the symbol of all that has made me into the seemingly fashionable woman I’ve grown up to be. I forgot how painstakingly, time consuming studding a piece of clothing can be, but the end result will be worth the blisters and poked fingers!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.03.25 PM

A Beautiful View of Downtown San Antonio With My New Style Lush Studded Jacket!









With extra studs and patches waiting to be sewn on, my Style Lush Stud Jacket will be my favorite thing to constantly add to! Hopefully our wonky weather will permit me to wear this baby out at night for the next few weeks. Heavy denim in the Texas heat is a definite NO NO in my look books, but maybe i’ll bring back my denim vest and have hotter weather options? We shall see!


Texas Patch & Studs From Hobby Lobby







Things You’ll Need To Make Your Own DIY Jacket!

  • Thrifted Denim Jacket. ( If you can’t find the right oversized fit you’d like, check out Forever 21 or H&M for a Newer, manageable denim jacket)
  • Studs! Lots and lots of STUDS! I picked up a bag of 100 big studs for less then $4 at Hobby Lobby.
  • Fun Patches! I’m on the hunt for cool patches and local art patches too!
  • Sewing Machine
  • Stud Tools to help prevent your hands from intense blister pain!
  • A Girl GANG so you can make your jacket in the company of stylish friends who totally support your DIY habits.

Do you have your own DIY jacket? Show Us! We want to spread the love of making your OWN piece of wearable artwork cool  again in San Antonio! Use our #StyleLushTV hashtag so we can find your unique look! Don’t Forget To TWEET US!