Today on Tweet A Stylist: Tips & Tricks to dress YOUR body type

Today on Tweet A Stylist: Tips & Tricks to dress YOUR body type


I spent a few years styling clients to look their very best and as s designer creating custom garments for my special & fashionable clients. Throughout my experience I have heard first hand the chatter of women who want to know “How do I dress my body type?”


I began to research and compile pointers to make that question, easier to answer. We all come in various shapes and sizes so one size fits all is… Well, wack and ain’t nobody got time for that. Oh my apologies back to the scheduled programming lol. One size fits all does not apply to us all.


Dress your body type

Darker colors minimize.

Lighter or shiny colors highlight.

Minimize a thicker waist with a darker belt.

Tailor your clothes to fit your individual shape. Every size 12 or size 4 won’t necessarily fit that size correctly

Any body is a good body. Dress your body like you respect it. Don’t blame your shape on why you can’t look great or weight for your weight to change until you dress they way you want.


Pear shape
Don’t: Wear a straight dress that hugs your curves at the hips, making them appear larger, not to mention the pull on the buttons in that area can draw unwanted attention.

Do: Wear a wrap dress to emphasize the smallest part of your body (the upper half), allowing the bottom to A-line over the rest, camouflaging large hips and thighs

Don’t: A lot of women who have larger busts try to camouflage it with boxy blazers. A blazer hides a double-D bust, but it makes a waist and the rest of the body look much bigger.

Do: Wear a fitted, single-breasted blazer, making sure it defines the waist but is roomy enough in the bust that it doesn’t pull. The overall effect is slimming and shape-defining.


Don’t: Wear cropped pants — they cut off the line of the legs making them appear shorter than they are.

Do: Wear pants that are long and straight. The hem should hit a 1/2 inch above the floor to hide the shoe height, creating a longer line and the illusion of a longer leg.

I hope this helps dressing YOU, easier!!

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LaToya Chenelle Hudson

FORMER STYLE CONTRIBUTOR LaToya Chenelle is an Air Force veteran with a love for fashion, fitness, music and fun. She has a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design form IADT and is a true multi-talented individual. During her fashion career she was well known for her DIY-ing and of course, fitness. She currently enjoys a successful career as a wellness coach and an independent distributor at Herbalife.