Stephanie Liner ‘Momentos of a Doomed Construct’

Stephanie Liner ‘Momentos of a Doomed Construct’

This past Thursday, Burgundy and I had the pleasure of meeting artist Stephanie Liner. A creative and talented woman with an in depth connection to the way women are perceived in today’s society. Thanks to local vintage retailer owner of Montage, Shelby Guevara, who spoke of her participation in this art event, we were eager to see the art display at the Southwest School of Art.  Luckily before the event was open to the public, we got our interview with Ms.Liner, and by complete admiration, we were blown away by her artwork. Beautifully structured, individual ‘dwellings’ where live models would be placed and put on display for 2 hours,  Stephanie’s combination of art and fashion is something you need to check out for yourself.

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On opening night, three models were placed into her structures, with Shelby Guevara as the most visible of the three, each model played an important role in their dwellings. Captivating the beauty of women today on the exterior is just a small glimpse of what Stephanie is trying to portray. We as women in today’s social media obsessed generation, are easily influenced by the easy access to see how other women display their beauty. Through means of television, film and the Internet, the perception of what a woman should truly look like, has been distorted from the day’s of just being happy with yourself as you are. Society has long put pressure on women that the ideal look is to be thin, a certain hair color, body shape and of course, the interior that makes a human being, a being. We can not all conform to these ideas because then society would just be a huge mass of everyone looking like everybody else. There is no individualism and the idea of being an individual beauty is lost in the light of day. We are constantly focusing on our outward appearance, that our inner being becomes lost.

The narrative summary that was displayed on the wall inside the school best represents Stephanie Liner’s work:

‘As a means of preserving and questioning their impact, Stephanie Liner uses traditional methods and materials historically associated with the furniture and textile belt in the US. The resulting works have a corporeal quality; the external shells are like skin-fleshy and protective-while the internal construction forms a skeleton of supportive ribs, formers, and bulkheads. Each sculpture’s social and architectural facade contains, or entraps, a human character that personifies the psyche, conjoined with the physical structure. A manifestation of social expectations or constraints results, as the interior character’s behavior is dictated by the facade and subsequent interpersonal exchanges.

Liner’s work addresses established roles of masculine and feminine through elaboration on traditional gender binaries. Here, materials and practices become surrogates for gender, illustrated in the artist’s historical references-patterns, colors decorative trim, and Queen Anne details-alongside the use of upholstery, furniture framing, and carpentry techniques. As such, Liner ultimately uses the sculptures to emphasize idealized feminine beauty in their detailing and decorative patterning, while characterizing traditional views of masculinity, through the construction practices that she used to form them.’




Burgundy and I would like to extend a tremendous thank you to Shelby, Stephanie Liner and the Southwest School of Art for letting Style Lush TV come to do an interview with the artist and to see some incredible artwork. Thank you to Shelby for letting us know about this wonderful woman and your participation in it, was flawless. Thank you to the Southwest School of Art for letting us go in for an interview as well.

For more on Stephanie Liner and her beautiful work visit to get more insight of her creations and the artist herself.

To see her work on display until November 8th, visit the Southwest School of Art located on 300 Augusta St, 78205, across from the Downtown Public Library.

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