Rebecca Medina & the Angelin De Carlo ‘Celia Cruz Inspired Collection’

Rebecca Medina & the Angelin De Carlo ‘Celia Cruz Inspired Collection’


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Music in our coverage was by local San Antonio music makers Bruk Out | track ‘Summa Bang
Original Music for performance | ‘La Vida Es Un Carnaval’ – Celia Cruz

It was like CARNAVAL was ALIVE & vibrant during Una Noche En La Gloria when the Celia Cruz Inspired collection titled “Rie y Llora” by Rebecca Medina and the Angelin De Carlo crew came down Runway En La Calle! The beautiful colors and headpieces adorned a top of the gorgeous models, was the almost finale to Runway En La Calle. Rebecca Medina and her team always put on a glamorous showcase and this one was definitely a show stopper. Behind closed doors, the models were spotted taking selfies and prepping for their debut on the runway.

The live action and dancing the models showcased while coming down the Runway was a crowd pleaser to say the least. Excitement filled the air as model after model did a little performance while walking, highlighting the beauty of the designs with every shake and shimmy. Runway En La Calle was action packed with so many beautiful designs by unique individuals, even the music that accompanied their looks played a huge factor. Of course, you can’t have a Celia Cruz inspired collection without playing homage to the Queen of Salsa herself. With a “surprise appearance from a Celia Cruz” (played by artist Rebecca Medina herself), the finale walk was accompanied by the famous song ‘La Vida Es Un Carnaval’.

But due to synch licensing and all the chale that comes with launching famous music on a professional platform, I was forced to use an alternative song. Luckily, we are a city with lots of talent and we found something from local music makers Bruk Out! Their track ‘Summa Bang‘ fit the video so perfectly! Thank you to Bruk Out! for letting Style Lush TV use your track! We love supporting local musicians and when they create beats that are fit for a fashion show, it’s even better!

Just one more show coming up from our Runway En La Calle coverage. Stay tuned!


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