Jumpsuit Glory: Leave that dress in the closet

Jumpsuit Glory: Leave that dress in the closet

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Jumpsuits are the modern day girls best friend! Why? Well let’s dissect this notion a bit.  It’s Friday night and your man just called to ask if you want to go to a company party. Now, you have just worked nine hours and are tired and just want to lay down. When I feel like this the last thing I can think about is putting on a dress..




Jumpsuits can be sexy and comfortable and, because of that long day, convenient.  What I love about jumpsuits is that they come in all styles and can work with anybody type. You can normally find long sleeves, short sleeves, skinny legged, wide leg and the list goes on. imageWhy sacrifice comfort to look hot as Kim K or Beyoncé? Jumpsuits can be found in your favorite department store, look for less stop or if you are lucky like me, a thrift store. I know I’ve heard some women talk about fit, so research your body type so see what type of bodysuit will flatter all your hotness! image image

Don’t forget, a dress is not your only option to look good. Throw a wrench in your mind of fashion rules and wear a jumpsuit to a wedding or your next San Antinio Fashion event!



Happy Sunday folks!

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LaToya Chenelle Hudson

FORMER STYLE CONTRIBUTOR LaToya Chenelle is an Air Force veteran with a love for fashion, fitness, music and fun. She has a Bachelors degree in Fashion Design form IADT and is a true multi-talented individual. During her fashion career she was well known for her DIY-ing and of course, fitness. She currently enjoys a successful career as a wellness coach and an independent distributor at Herbalife.