Evening Wear Under Garments: The Magic starts before you get dressed

Evening Wear Under Garments: The Magic starts before you get dressed

With the San Antonio Fashion Awards fastly approaching, everyone is buzzing about what and who to wear. I know we will see, sequin, chiffon, strapless, halters, you name it. It’s what we don’t see that can make the difference between VA VA VOOM and VA VA DOOM!


There is nothing worse then to have lumps and bumps where you don’t want them and they be created solely from the wrong under garments. Places like Victoria Secrets will measure you for an accurate fit. I was wearing thr wrong size until two months ago (the shame is real). There is hope, here are some staples that will have you looking seamless in that red carpet dress.

  1. The backless, push up bra is great for the strapless, plunging back dress. The sides adhere to your skin so you don’t have to worry about and straps poking out and ruining a great photo op.

Backless Lace Push-Up Bra

2.  An Invisible lifter low plunging bra is great for those low cut gowns and tops. That super low v-cut dress that you have been saving for that glamourous occasion can now be free.

Invisible Lifter Low Plunging Bra

3. The butt lifting shaper will help flatten the tummy area and bring out the inner Beyonce in you. Everyone loves a nice perky derriere even if its only for a few fashionable hours.

Butt Lifting Shaper


Now don’t say i didn’t share my secrets with you! Now go get that dress, strap on those body shapers and lets work that red carpet!


LaToya Chenelle

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LaToya Chenelle Hudson

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