ECHO WEAR…The Futuristic Fashion from Runway En La Calle!

ECHO WEAR…The Futuristic Fashion from Runway En La Calle!

OH. MY. GUCCI! This collection is completely over the top, unique in every way and just the perfect amount of WEIRD for my personal taste! Echo Wear is a haute couture collection based out of Austin, Texas, the capital of our great state and anything and everything that’s ‘weird’. Upon seeing the collection first hand, I was blown away!  Such detail and aesthetic that pleased my visual senses, I was drawn to Ms.Echo Higuchi’s collection for all the right reasons.

Her designs are inspired by the concept of wearable art. Wearable art indeed it is! The structure of every piece had such a unique, architectural twist to it. Influenced by her parent’s background of the seamstress and graphic design skills they bestowed upon her, Echo has been creating her visionary designs since she was a young girl. The collection’s name ‘Cosmo Futura’ is even a beautiful representation of her work.

Echo has a haute couture dressmaking certification in Tomy haute couture dressmaking academy.’ –Echo Wear Website

I would without a doubt, wear her designs in a heart beat. How cool are they? I see her designs as a display of artwork created to entice those who may not wear the ordinary, socially acceptable garments for everyday use. But imagine, walking into a Gala of some sort with her pieces adorned on you. Definitely a conversation starter. Thank you to Echo Higuchi for displaying your work for Runway En La Calle! I saw so many faces light up with intrigue as her designs came down the Runway. Kudos to Agosto Cuellar for scouting such an amazing designer from our own Home State to display something so different from the ordinary!

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Stefanie Martinez

FORMER STYLE CONTRIBUTOR Born and raised in the city of San Antonio, Stefanie has dipped her feet in many aspects of the fashion retail world. From working in with top department stores to maneuvering the cosmetic world of CHANEL, she has acquired many skills that contribute to making her the well rounded professional she is today. She has a strong passion for the local art and music scene and enjoys a mixture of fashionable, yet, outside of the box fashion style.