STYLE TRIPS EP.3 Part 2 !!

STYLE TRIPS EP.3 Part 2 !!

The last two weeks have been the most busiest times for the Style Lush family and as we are preparing for the launch of the San Antonio Fashion Awards voting website, it can be a struggle to get great content out all at once. This video was a labor of love and I am excited to finally have it up and ready for viewing!

It truly was an experience to finally be able to attend the one con I had never been able to go to. To see how the San Antonio Community comes together to celebrate anime in such a fun way and to spread the love of the Japanese culture. 15 years ago this was non existent and  true otaku have been waiting to liberate themselves every year with their costumes. Our first interviewee Gracie said it best…’it feels like home.’ For the first time in a long while, it really did feel like I was in another world, sharing in the love of all that is anime. Attendees made their childhood cartoons come to life with their costumes and dedication.

I am so thrilled to be back in front of the camera after a little hiatus. If I sound nervous and fast spoken, it’s because I had mixed emotions of excitement, camera shy nervousness, and other whirl wind thoughts as I looked right into that camera. Of course, as an adult woman with a love for anime cartoons, I know when to be serious. But this self expression as to where I was influenced in fashion all stems from this love of mine. From this childhood obsession to a grander scale of appreciation for how huge the anime community is here in my own city.

From Sailor Scouts to Lolita Fashion, and even Iron Man, created from a 3D printer software (the future of fashion), San Japan had it all. I wish I had more time to stay for the cosplay contest but next year I will know how to map out my time more efficiently. Also, I’d really love to have an authentic costume! I wore an old Sailor Moon crop from Hot Topic and added my own skirt from Forever21…I was close enough! But something tells me that next year I’ll have a bit more time to get ready for San Japan!

Thank you again immensely to the San Japan Community for letting Style Lush TV be present for that exciting weekend! It was one of my favorite segments to film because cosplay is such an under-appreciated form of fashion. It takes a courageous soul to wonder the streets of San Antonio dressed as a character straight from a manga book. Especially since it was pretty hot that weekend, I commend all the attendees for sticking it out and staying in character. I hope you all enjoy this latest episode of Style Trips!

Also, shoutout to all the parents that I saw who were there supporting their kids love of anime. From moms’ helping their daughters carry their costumes, to grandparents who were walking around with their grandchildren, showing them new and exciting things. It’s such a wonderful community collective to see all types of people involved. From young to old, the love of anime is present here in our beautiful city of San Antonio!