It is no secret that the fashion industry has failed to meet the demands of plus-size shoppers with adequate fashion-forward options and on top of that summer is here with the heat and humidity that can sometimes cramp our style. I was so happy to hear of this brand new fashion experience for full figured women right here in San Antonio called Eye Candy Boutique where I was able to find comfortable and flattering clothes.


Eye Candy Boutique takes shopping to new lengths and they have everything from tops, dresses, bottoms and even accessories – I WAS THRILLED! I love vibrant attire (especially in the warmer months) so what caught my attention was the beyond basic options and the selections that go beyond stretchy items and strictly dark colors.



As I shopped the summer wear I was pleased to find fun colors, rompers, prints, and even fitted garments that compliment curves. Check out the segment where I mention some of my plus size picks that can be found at the boutique and my style tips for ideas on how to wear them.

Eye Candy Boutique and the stylish owner (Elsa Fernandez) go against everything generally accepted as what plus size women should wear, I am so excited about the opening of this boutique in our local area. Check out her interview here:

SLTV: What inspired you to open a boutique offering plus size fashion? E: During an entrepreneurship course in college, we were tasked to write a business plan as our semester project. I chose to write about opening a specialty plus size boutique in the college town. From personal experience, I knew it would fill a gap in the industry not being satisfied locally. Nine years later, I realized that there were still opportunities to serve the local plus size consumer. Although large retailers are just beginning to take notice of the buying power that plus size fashionistas possess, specialty local boutiques are still few and far between. After 10 years in retail and really learning about consumer purchasing patterns through experience, I finally got enough guts to follow my dreams of opening a plus size boutique to serve the fabulous fashionistas in San Antonio and beyond.

SLTV: Where do you see Eye Candy Boutique in the next five years and beyond? E: Currently Eye Candy Boutique is online at www.HeyEyeCandy.com and at various pop-up shops throughout the city. It is my goal to have a local storefront within the next 18 months. I would also love to be able to set up a second location once the first one is established and successful within the next 3-5 years.

SLTV: What is your favorite go to garment and why is it your favorite? E: My absolute favorite garment is the camel-colored ¾ Pope Lightweight Trench from Eye Candy. It reminds me of something a Kardashian-inspired Olivia Pope would wear on her day off. I love to layer and the material allows me to just that during the Texas summer! I have paired it with everything from a graphic tee, skinnies and booties to a floral fit & flare dress. It’s a really great piece that helps any outfit look more expensive than it really is!


SLTV: How would you describe your personal style and how does your personal style play a part in garments offered at Eye Candy Boutique? E: This is such a hard question for me to answer, because my style can change from day to day . Some days I love dressing really girly with a fun dress and blazer combo and other days I choose the more Boho or edgy items I have in my closet. My favorite is when I can mix two styles together like wearing a lace and tulle dress paired with a leather jacket and booties. This “anything goes” attitude really helps when curating the Eye Candy Boutique collection and selecting which items are going to be offered. Keeping different girls in mind during buying trips allows me to cater to customers looking for a cute first date outfit, brunch attire or anything in between. My goal is to offer unique plus size selections that wouldn’t normally be available elsewhere, like a statement kimono or romper that will have heads turning without breaking the bank.

SLTV: Do you have a favorite fashion designer? E: I love the silhouettes of the dresses that Zac Posen designs, especially for award shows. His pieces are just so effortlessly elegant and timeless. Valentino is also a favorite of mine this year. It’s refreshing to see how he still remains traditional in his lines and cut of dress, but adds playfulness with patterns and color. I’m also impressed by the variety that Christian Siriano puts out with each runway show. He’s really talented! The plus size wedding dress he designed for his blogger friend, Nicolette Mason, was beyond gorgeous!!! I cannot wait to see how his capsule collection for Lane Bryant looks, it will be very interesting.

SLTV: I read that you have a both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Fashion Merchandising. How do you feel your education prepared you for owing your own boutique? E: Both degrees aided me with getting a feel for the processes behind owning a boutique because I learned about retail math, the functions of the retail supply chain and consumer behavior & purchasing patterns. Working as a Store Manager after graduating with my Bachelor’s and working as a Visual Merchandising Manager while I completed my Master’s degree strongly benefitted me. In school, one learns about different best case scenarios but when you are living the in the trenches of fast-paced retail, one learns that things do not always happen as planned. The degrees helped me get the foundation and irreplaceable background information to think critically while the real-life retail experience helped me learn to solve problems and think on my toes. I honestly use a mixture of critical thinking and off-the-cuff problem solving daily, so I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences thus far.

SLTV: What is the main thing you want plus size fashionistas to know about Eye Candy Boutique? E: Through personal experience, I know that flattering and trendy plus-size merchandise is not always the easiest to obtain. Eye Candy Boutique is meant to make the specialized shopping process more pleasant without breaking the bank. As a finishing note, I always like to impart a quote from one of my favorite people, Sarah Jessica Parker, who says, “I believe when you encounter a fashion rule, break it!” Eye Candy Boutique is a result of my desire to help women fill their wardrobe with fabulous pieces and feel they are capable of Capturing Eyes at Every Size! I feel like plus size fashionistas shouldn’t be hesitant to “break the rules”, wear what makes you feel fab and your whole demeanor will shine through.

Shop Eye Candy Boutique at www.heyeyecandy.com

All images courtesy of Eye Candy Boutique

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