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Growing up I was always taller and bigger than other girls and at first I hated it, I wanted to be petite. Years later (in my teens) I realized my size was an advantage in sports and I was also quick on my feet, but I was still self-conscious. I STILL hated my size! I was busty, curvy, and thick while most of the girls around me were not. No kidding, I remember praying for an A cup in bra size! I felt like I stood out in a bad way.

Fortunately my confidence level grew as I matured and after time I realized I did not have to diet and get to a certain size just to be happy. I didn’t have to dress like everyone else to feel included and I finally realized that being a healthy size made a lot more sense than taking drastic measures to get to an unrealistic size for my shape. I’m still working on my healthy size but I stopped looking for someone to come in and give me permission to be confident in the meantime. At some point you stop seeking permission and just give notice – that statement pretty much sums up how I feel about being plus size!

The fashion industry as a whole can be pretty cut throat and mean, so regardless of size I always warn women to not jump into modeling looking for confidence and acceptance. If you are not ready to get doors slammed in your face then don’t do it! I started my journey as an agency represented plus model and have remained represented.

My experiences and life lessons on this curvy girl journey are just like most of yours and I’m truly blessed for this opportunity to share with you.

Are you tired of seeing images all over that you cannot relate to? Me too!

Do you enjoy celebrating diversity and plus size fashion? Me too!

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on clothes that do not compliment your curves? Me too!

Do you LOVE hearing about a good deal or retailers that offer plus size fashion? Me too!

Are you tired of attending fashion events and walking away wondering why the designer doesn’t consider making clothes your size? Me too!

My desire is to reach hearts, have fun, and celebrate fashion for everyone. I’m in this with you and I don’t mind talking about it.

This first episode is all about the new swimwear making waves and I chose to highlight one of my personal favorites plus size fashion brand Torrid. If you are looking for a balance between fashion and function you will love the options between their cover-ups, one pieces, and separates (my go to) for just the right amount of reveal.

If you are ready to go pool-side and flaunt those curves be sure check out the episode above and take note of my style tips.

On The Curve is bringing it to you, stay tuned for more! Until next time CURVY LUSHES!

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LaTanya Showers

FORMER STYLE CONTRIBUTOR Inspired to share her imagination and creative spirit through short stories as early as the third grade, LaTanya Ward-Showers got her writing start early. She is an author of children’s books, inspirational speaker, freelance fashion writer, and published plus-sized model. LaTanya obtained her degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2003 and upon graduation has worked on her professional career for many years. She is a Texas native that enjoys bringing a celebration of diversity and relatable stories to all aspects of her writing. Simply put, if it involves encouraging, empowering, and celebrating diversity LaTanya writes it, speaks about it, and wears it!