Sunglasses are my quick go-to and accessory of choice in the summer months to give that light and sometimes simple outfit the finishing touch. When I shop for sunglasses I usually focus on shapes that I prefer and I look for a nice style. I never put much consideration into the color of the frames and how much impact it has, in fact my preference is the classic black but I do like to switch it up.

So do you look best in warm or cool colors? Yeah, I wasn’t sure either! And is your skin cool or warm? Yeah, I wasn’t sure about that either! Honestly, I was like who really cares as long as the shades rock but now that I know certain shades really play up natural features I’ll pay more attention to the color theory.

red warm sunglassesFirst things first:  Figure out your skin tone by checking the underside of your arm in natural daylight.  Golden or apricot undertone with green-tinted veins have a warm skin tone and pink or rosy undertones with blue-tinted veins have a cool skin tone.

Now that you’ve soaked up some sunlight and figured out your skin tone it is time to match up the best colors for your skin tone. Here are some pointers:

Cool skin tones are said to look better in blue-based hues

blue cool sunglasses

Warm skin tones are said to look better in yellow-based hues

yellow warm sunglasses


Whether your intent is to be incognito or pull your look together, the right pair of shades can help you achieve either without having to put forth a lot of effort.  In the end, I’ll always go with what I like even if the skin tone rules say otherwise!

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LaTanya Showers

FORMER STYLE CONTRIBUTOR Inspired to share her imagination and creative spirit through short stories as early as the third grade, LaTanya Ward-Showers got her writing start early. She is an author of children’s books, inspirational speaker, freelance fashion writer, and published plus-sized model. LaTanya obtained her degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2003 and upon graduation has worked on her professional career for many years. She is a Texas native that enjoys bringing a celebration of diversity and relatable stories to all aspects of her writing. Simply put, if it involves encouraging, empowering, and celebrating diversity LaTanya writes it, speaks about it, and wears it!