#NIOSA Beauty Survival Kit, The Do’s & Don’ts

#NIOSA Beauty Survival Kit, The Do’s & Don’ts

Everyone’s ‘first time’ at NIOSA is the one to be remembered most out of all times! If you’re heading out to NIOSA for the first or twentieth time, be cautious of some #FiestaFashion mishaps that can happen to YOU! Because I wish I knew about certain Do’s & Don’ts that would have saved me so much pain!


 We all love a good Spring shoe for the Season and right now with the weather warming up, it’s definitely time to bring out the cute shoes! But if you’re planning on wearing heels, wedges or anything that YOU have to support your weight on and standing around in moveless crowds at a time, then I recommend something comfortable and fashionable! The platform sandal is a great Spring/Summer shoe that is not only practical for walking around Downtown but it’s also a chic trend for the Season.

image I have quite the obsession with the Shoe of the Season and I’ve been able to utilize chic, comfortable outfits with these six different styles. From price points as high as $75 like my favorite Go To TopShop White Platform Sandals. To inexpensive and versatile styles for $19.99 at ROSS. These are way more practical and comfortable then having to wobble around the streets of La Villita in an ill fitting shoe. Yet if you insist on wearing those sky high heels or sandals that don’t have any support what so ever, do yourself a favor and take an extra pair of comfortable shoes!


Now if someone had given me practical advice such as this then maybe I would still have my favorite purse to this day. #FiestaFashion Don’t #2 is more practical then any advice I can give to women who are very fond of their nice designer goods. My first time at NIOSA 2009, I was 20 years old and 8 months shy of being legal in the next phase of my adult life. Excited to make my first trip to a well populated Fiesta Event sans parentals, I wanted to be prepared with what I knew I needed to survive my first time. But I made the rookie mistake of taking a brand new Betsey Johnson purse that I spent my hard earned money on and thinking that the cute factor could way out the practical factor. NEVER take a big purse to NIOSA. Plain and simple. The crowds don’t care what you have hidden away in your bag, all they care about is getting to the next beer station. I try not to let the bitter memory of a woman slopping around near my friends and I as she spilled her entire beer into my purse. The shock factor that I experienced totally ruined my first time but I learned from then on to NEVER take a big purse to NIOSA. Instead, I opt for a smaller version of an over the shoulder type purse BUT the kicker is, it’s water proof! Obnoxiously bright neon and a clear view of all your essentials is the perfect purse for the #FiestaFashion Season. I purchased this from Forever 21 about 3 years ago, but it’s definitely coming back in style.


Now onto my final bit of advice to those who are heading out to any and all Fiesta Events this year. This tip is to save you all from the embarassment that I suffered a few years back in my ‘Seasoned’ Fiesta Events of Do’s & Don’ts.


Spring weather is coming around more often here in San Antonio and we thank the Heavens for Sunny days, especially during FIESTA time! No one likes to attend a soggy parade with humid weather, it takes the fun out of the festivities. Yet if you are a true San Antonian dedicated to still make it out despite the weather, I salute you! FF Don’t #3 is one for the books and I can say from experience that this advice is definitely worth taking grasp a hold of. Trends come and go and a few years back the romper trend made its way into my closet that Fiesta Season circa 2010, a year after the purse mishap. Fresh on the Fiesta Scene as a 21 year old legal adult that year, I thought wearing a romper could still play to my youthfulness advantage. Walking around with a tall $15 Margarita would give me ‘cool points’ to my outfit but little did I think that a romper, Fiesta port-a-potties and a tall Margarita would be a good mix. It wasn’t. It’s never a comfortable feeling having to pull down your ENTIRE outfit to use a disgusting restroom. It also doesn’t help that while you’ve been drinking for a good 5 hours walking around looking for a restroom, you’ve obtained a good buzz. To avoid this type of fiasco and to save yourself from dirtying up your brand new romper or outfit, opt for shorts or a two piece cute set that’s more fitting for the Fiesta festivities.

image This was my first #FiestaFashion ootd. The two piece set is from H&M, a part of their #HMxCoachella Collaboration for the Festival Season. Instead of a traditional flower crown, I adorned my hair with two big clip on flowers. I loved this outfit so much, I must resist being an outfit repeater!


Another #FiestaFashion favorite of mine is this Floral, fringe mix scarf top from H&M as well. Two trends in one, why not? Its’ weightless, cotton material is perfect for the humid weather we sometimes have to suffer thru during Fiesta! Army green shorts from H&M last season and Platform Sandals from Forever 21.

Now I’ve also learned that there are practical Beauty products that are Must Have’s to keep in your purse during Fiesta.


 1. A Flower Crown- traditional and just a fun, festive adornement to any Fiesta outfit.

2. A good Camera! Your phone is great for quick Instagram/Facebook uploads but sometimes quality is better then quantity! Plus it won’t eat away at your battery. Sony a500 is my Camera of choice.

3. If you can’t deal with carrying a purse at all during Fiesta, opt for a small side bag like this Dia De Los Muertos one I scored from a local vendor during First Friday. Supporting the local arts AND staying stylish.

4. Dremamine Non Drowsy Formula- for all those nautious times you had too much to drink. (trust me, it helps!)

5. Lipgloss- for touch up’s after you’ve already lost your first round of drinks and you fear you might run into your Tinder crush. CHANEL’S ‘Amour’ Gloss is the perfect, natural shimmery shade for chicness on the go.

6.ALTOIDS- or gum, or anything to mask the smell of having ‘too much’.

7. Nobody wants to look sweaty or dewy in their Fiesta Selfies, so grab a bottle of NYX Matte Finishing Spray to lock in that contour ladies! Another greay version is the Urban Decay 24/7 Setting Spray, works great for all skin types.

I hope that these Do’s & Don’ts’ for first time Fiesta Fashion Go-ers helps you out! I’ve learned from my own advice and mistakes and I felt the need to share with you all! VIVA FIESTA!