I came across these cool earrings with such bright and vibrant designs and prints and I had to find out whom, where, and how! That is when I discovered Natalie Ramirez of Button Down Accessories, she also has an educational background and is a proud wife and mommy of three. Natalie designs accessories made of buttons and she gets creative with earrings of all designs, prints, and colors.







I am a firm believer that our talents are given to us to bless others and I love that Natalie is considering ways to combine her passions for both accessories and child development/special education. Read her interview below to learn more about Button Down Accessories and her spot on advise for creating what you love!

SLTV:  Have you always loved accessories? What was the first accessory item you recall that you absolutely loved? N: I have! Most of my clothes are pretty simple, colorful- but simple. I use my accessories to make my outfits special and unique. The very first accessory that I can recall loving is a bit embarrassing. In middle school, I lived and died for a sterling silver Mickey Mouse charm that I wore on a necklace… Yep, MICKEY MOUSE!!

SLTV:  What inspired you to establish Button Down Accessories? N: This is a long story, but I will (try to) give you the short version. I have a friend who owned a boutique and one day we were looking for fun jewelry we could make to offer in her boutique. I came across button earrings and it all started from there. I started making them and she sold them in her boutique. I loved it so much, Button Down was created and I started selling them in my own shop.

SLTV:  Where do you pull motivation and inspiration for your designs? N: My motivation comes from a few different places. I love the different seasons, so I choose my fabrics based on what each season reminds me of. For example, I live in Texas and the wildflowers are the best thing about our spring time. So my favorite earrings right now are actually called “Texas Spring Time”, they are a great floral print with blue, red, orange, and pink flowers. For fall I had prints that reminded me of the color of the leaves outside on the ground and on the trees. Then there are times that inspiration doesn’t come until I walk into a fabric store. Sometimes you just see a print or color that makes your heart happy and you have to run with it.

SLTV:  I read that you are a stay at home mom and wife. What advice would you give someone else out there that can relate and wants to tap into their creative side? N: I am definitely both those things! A mom for 6 years and a wife for nine! I would say to GO FOR IT! Starting this business allowed me to have something that was my own, something to give me an outlet. After being a stay at home for so many years, and two of my three kids being in school, I needed a change; Button Down did that for me. With that, I would also advise someone to prioritize! My husband and my three boys will always come first. Lastly, I would say to make sure you love what you create. If you can’t love your craft, who else will?

SLTV:  Do you have a current/favorite jewelry designer? N: I cannot say that I have a favorite jewelry designer. I am an equal opportunity jeweler. I will buy jewelry from anywhere as long as I like it! Boutiques, flea markets, department stores, yard sales, and handmade!

SLTV:  Where do you see your business in the next 5 years and beyond? N: I hope that Button Down grows into something I can be proud of! As for a specific timeline, I can’t exactly say. I have an educational background in Child Development and Special Education, so in the future I also want to work with individuals with disabilities. Maybe I will be lucky enough to somehow combine my passions into something amazing.
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