Back in December, I accepted the challenge. “Use IOMA Skin Care for 14 days and see a dramatic difference in your skin.” Well, it’s been 14 days and the results are in. But first, just a little back story if you missed the first round.

Now, contrary to how my skin looks on camera, I have always had problem skin and have been looking for something to give me the results (or at least similar results) to the painful (but incredibly effective) laser treatments that I used to get in Hollywood. Upon filming a segment at Saks Fifth Aveune, I ran into Amelia Ochoa of IOMA Paris. I explained my skin problems to her and she begged me to try out the IOMA Sphere to get a skin analysis, so during the Saks Fifth Avenue’s Brushes with Greatness Event, I finally gave it a try. It was a very informative experience and they do this for FREE! Go try it out. It is very cool and they are so friendly and helpful.
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Ok so, I have to start this review by saying, I’ve used several luxury skin care products in the past and they all have their perks, but none of the the products I’ve used in the past have every made me feel like I could go #MAKEUPLESS! Yes, you heard correctly. #MAKEUPLESS!

Ok so here’s is the breakdown of each defining phase of the challenge:

Day 1: I COULD NOT believe how different my skin looked after ONE USE! I am not kidding. ONE USE! The morning after I used IOMA I woke up and noticed that my skin looked hydrated and for lack of a better word, glowy. I almost didn’t want to wash my face. lol. I immediately rushed to my boyfriend and said, “Am I crazy, or does my skin already look different?” He, of course, being the man that he is, half heartedly inspected my face and replied, “Uummm… yea. I guess so”. But I could tell. My skin was already looking more healthy and naturally radiant. This was very exciting.

Days 2-4: OK so, IOMA is some very potent stuff. You can really feel the product working on your skin, especially the #5 Lotion Tonique Astringente. This foamy astringent creates a very noticeable and distinct tingle sensation on your face. I loved this! The tingles make me feel like it’s really working, deep below the surface. Sometimes, I would leave it on a little longer than usual, just so I could enjoy the tingles.

Day 5: This whole week I realized I was getting a true lesson in “assembly line face washing”. First, my Moisturizing Cleansing Milk, then #5 Exfoliation Emulsion (twice a week), then, (my favorite product) the #5 Lotion Tonique Foaming Astringente, then, the Repair Gel ect… By the end of day 5 though, I knew my routine by memory and so it began to feel more like pampering then prepping. Everything’s moving along smoothly and I’m really enjoying this “me time”.

IOMA Skin Care

Day 6: OH NO! Breakout and a little redness! Now as I mentioned before, this stuff is powerful and at this point it was time for me to use the #5 Masque Absorbant. Amelia did warn me that this mask was going to “aggressively suck out all my impurities” at an accelerated rate, so I “may not want plan any filming or important face time when using it”. Boy was she right! I was red all around my nose and cheeks and got a very tiny pimple on my chin. I should mention though that I have extremely sensitive skin to begin with so my reaction to this may be an isolated incident, but I was prepared for this and really did not mind. I just took Amelia’s advice, stayed in and had a nice quiet evening with my man. Netflix and tea? Not too shabby at all.

Day 7-9: The day after my Mask I was pleased to see that everything subsided and I LOVED how my skin looked! My pimple dried out and was gone and the redness was diminishing as well. I easily covered it up with a little makeup and off I went to work as usual. As the days continued, so did the improvements in my skin. At this point, I sort of start zoning out when doing my morning and evening skin care regimen, but overall it’s still pleasant pamper time.

Day 10: THE FIRST TRUE BREAK THROUGH. MY FIRST #MAKEUPLESS DAY! By my tenth day on IOMA skin care, I felt so confident about my skin, I didn’t care to wear any makeup. My pores were looking smaller, my skin did not have any red patches and I looked hydrated. Also, my once very oily t-zone ceased to exist and in it’s place, just the perfect blend of matte and glow. By day ten, the #6 Creme Regulatrice Matifiante (a sort of mattifying serum) had quickly become another personal favorite of mine. I smooth this stuff over my face and feel really beautiful. It’s probably my second favorite product in my personalized Beauty Pro Line Kit. At this point, I don’t want to live without it.

Day 11-14: AMAZING RESULTS! I have had multiple days going  #MAKEUPLESS and have ceased having an oily t-zone. My pores appear smaller and my blemishes are almost completely gone! I really can’t believe it. All of this without the help of a pricy dermatologist or painful lasers. I even filmed a Style Lush TV “Look Local” segment, completely #MAKEUPLESS! Belive it or not, Im not wearing foundation makeup here. Just eye makeup, blush, lipstick and the #6 Creme Regulatrice Matifiante (mattifying serum). Now THAT’S what I call insane results! Thank you IOMA, Amelia and Saks Fifth Avenue. IOMA FAN —->Right here!
(See the #Makeupless segment here)
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PRICE POINTS: The cleansers are $60, toners $85-$90, all masks $125.00, cream treatments range in price from $135.00- $225.00 (Ma Creme personalized face cream).
The one(s) I used are no.5 Astringent Toner $85.00, no.5 Repair Gel $160.00, no.6 Matifying Day/Night Cream $125.00, no.5 Exfoliating Emulsion $80.00.
The no.3 Eye Creams $110 and No.2 Eye Cream $165.00.
For what the treatment will do, and the ingredients they use, nothing going over $225.00 is an amazing value. On average, most products will last the client around 3 months! New Year! New You! Try it!