Filling the Maternity Wardrobe Gap

Filling the Maternity Wardrobe Gap

One Brand has a steady lead in the Maternity Race

storage1The maternity journey has been rough on my closet. Yesterday I vacuum sealed what felt like the majority of my wardrobe for baby hibernation. My prized dresses, high-waisted jeans and minis will resurface if and when I fit back into them, post-bundle of joy. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my body was ready to transform pretty much as soon as my little summer squash was conceived, starting at the bottom. So the real struggle has been with replacing the bottom half of my wardrobe, and not walking around in sweatpants every day. (Being a business owner, that’s not really an option.) And since so many maternity lines are only available online, there has been a lot of buying, waiting, and returning from the pants department.

Tried and True Staples for Maternity, too.

In a never-ending wave of buying and returning, three whole pairs of pants have stayed with me in the past few months of growing. I had to look no further than one of my regular go-to’s for wardrobe staples and basics: the Gap. Not only do they keep up with seasonal trends and styles, they don’t withhold any of the quality you’re used to from their standard collection. A lot of other brands I’ve tried (I won’t mention any names until I explore other articles of clothing) sent over what I thought were dress pants in jersey/sweatpants-like materials. From the Gap, the jeans I picked up are forgiving and solid, the black dress pants are the perfect flattering stretch material, and the gray khakis are exactly like you’d expect no matter what department you’re shopping from. (I’ll post photos soon of the other two winners!)


Tummy Panel Options for Every Girl and Every Stage of Pregnancy

pants-tallGap also has a variety of options when it comes to tummy panels: there’s an elastic insert that keeps your pants low-rise and looking like normal jeans; the demi panel, that stops short of your belly button, but is still forgiving and not too tight; the ‘ultimate panel‘, which is nude colored and similar to the demi panel, except if someone gets a peek up-shirt, it blends more into your skin tone; the front demi panel which stretches only in front; and finally the full panel, which pulls all the way up over your belly for a comfortable, tucked-in feel. I’m only in my second trimester, but I feel like (depending on the fit) all of these panel options can fit throughout the full term, it just depends on the overall fit of the pants. The other thing that I loved about the Gap Maternity line, is that the sizes were true to real life! No thank you H&M and your too-tight size 8 jean shorts!! I understand going up a size or two while you’re pregnant…but going up 4 sizes?! That’s just not good for my mental well-being. I wish I could Gap’s shorts before they sold out of sizes and shifted into their fall collection.

I cannot wait for some fall weather—I will still be wearing my leather jacket from Zara, and am actually excited to tap into more of Gap’s maternity offerings!

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