Still Wearing It

Still Wearing It

When You’re Over 4 Months Pregnant and You Don’t Want to Lose Your Wardrobe

So I’m starting a new hashtag (it may or may not already exist but it’s mine now): #StillWearingIt. This hashtag is for all the mamas-to-be who are desperately clinging onto their pre-pregnancy wardrobes, regrettably relinquishing now-too-small pieces one by one. I know that each outfit I squeeze my baby bump and growing rump into will no longer be an option in about a month, so I will relish my last opportunities piece by piece.

That Perfect Black Jumpsuit

The particular piece I’ve managed to wiggle myself into is one of my favorite Zara jumpsuits – a classic black one-piece with lace detail at the top. The cute skinny belt now sits right above my ever-growing baby bump (open just a few notches wider). I love the long, slimming, monochrome nature of this piece, coupled with a wide-leg pant – you almost can’t tell I’m pregnant from the front! I will most definitely wear this until I can’t zipper it anymore…counting the days!


I’m one of those lucky girls whose weight gain is pretty centralized in my bum and thighs. This means I’m not one of those preggos who ends up a beach ball on stilts – I’m jealous of those ladies! This means that as soon as I started gaining any kind of pregnancy weight, it distributed directly to my behind. So I’m growing out of my bottoms way faster than I’m growing out of my tops! Luckily, a lot of my tops still fit, and the style this summer has been loose and flowy, so I’ll be able to fit in some new “normal” looks. I’ll be documenting my outfits as much as possible, and while I’ll embrace some maternity pieces, I will be very proud of any pre-pregnancy outfits I can get over these rounding parts. I look forward to sharing more with you soon!


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