Embracing the Expandable

Embracing the Expandable

Mama is Down for Maternity Wear

Yes, I’ve given in. The San Antonio summer and my growing figure have left me frustrated with my current wardrobe and furious with my swelling skin. Since my natural body (and current hormone levels) prefer to distribute weight to my bottom half, the first items I’ve gone to the maternity section for have expandable waistbands.

A San Antonio Maternity Boutique Shouted My Name

After seeing a huge ‘SALE’ sign for over a week outside of the gloriously named Pickles & Ice Cream maternity boutique, I had to go in. It’s an adorable little shop in the Quarry, and I knew they have high-end fashion brands. I figured I could try on a few things to get a solid idea if I wanted to dive into maternity wear at all. Lucky for me, their summer sale is (still) on and the friendly staff was happy to help me help them clear out their collection for fall! Now, a lot of the designer pieces were out of my price range, especially since I was just dipping my toe into the maternity wear pool. I’m not sure how much more I’ll grow and many of their full-priced items were more appropriate for fall. (I can’t even LOOK at a sweater right now.)


The Perfect Black Shorts

I spotted a solid, sleek pair of Sono Vaso day-to-night black shorts marked from $69.99 down to $30. I held my breath and ran for the dressing room. They were labeled size 4-6, and when I tried them on and felt their stretchy fit, I immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Not only could I feel that these would grow with me as is, they have buttons on either side of the inner waistband so they’ll fit at 3 different settings – even post-baby! Their mid-length leg allow me to roll them up on a good day, and keep them on the longer side if I’m not feeling so fit. They came straight to the register with me, along with a solid back/belly brace I’ve been eyeing for the long days of work that leave me feeling strained around the mid-section. I’m so happy with my purchase and I love wearing them.

I’m happy to embrace a line of clothing made for women going through exactly what I’m experiencing – clothes that grow with me and my baby!


WEBSITE DEVELOPER AND MARKETING CONSULTANT Originally from New Jersey, Brielle, spent most of her working (and shopping) life in NYC. Since moving to San Antonio over 5 years ago, she has not let go of any of her fashion ethic. Being a business owner means you must always be ON - mentally and aesthetically. She believes that every day is a new adventure and we must be properly outfitted for anything! Brielle is currently also the CEO & Creative Director of Duable Brand Trust.