When Showing Skin at Work is Okay

ootd-5-12aWe never want straight skin or bare midriffs at work. But sometimes a little sheer is acceptable. Again, you have to consider your line of work. Being partner of a small marketing agency, I have more freedoms than most employees would. Plus I love pushing the envelope, and letting my tattoo show through every now and then.

Keep it Structured

This loose button-up shirt keeps some sections solid, letting a few peeks of sheer come through. The top is paired with some structured black leggings and a neutral blazer for when clients walk through the door. The San Antonio spring tends to heat up in the afternoon, so a blazer isn’t an option all day long. Keep it on in the air-conditioned office, and make sure too much skin isn’t exposed when you’re unable to escape the heat.

Where to Buy:

Blazer: Theory  |  Shirt: Express  |  Necklace: Banana Republic  |  Leggings: Zara  |  Boots: Steve Madden



WEBSITE DEVELOPER AND MARKETING CONSULTANT Originally from New Jersey, Brielle, spent most of her working (and shopping) life in NYC. Since moving to San Antonio over 5 years ago, she has not let go of any of her fashion ethic. Being a business owner means you must always be ON - mentally and aesthetically. She believes that every day is a new adventure and we must be properly outfitted for anything! Brielle is currently also the CEO & Creative Director of Duable Brand Trust.