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Erica Lynne

EXECUTIVE BUSINESS DIRECTOR Erica is a recent grad student from the International Academy of Design and Technology in San Antonio, Texas. Having been a biology major first, Erica wears her BIG heart on her sleeve and that attribute made it a bit of a challenge to become a radiologist. Along with the influence of her peers, she decided to follow her heart and pursue a career in fashion! That major life decision has opened many doors and presented one-of-a-kind opportunities. Since then she has participated in over 20 fashion shows and produced 5 major shows including the MODA NEXT: Joey Ramirez show of Fashion Week San Antonio 2013. While Erica LOVES producing fashion shows, she also enjoys the business side of fashion which includes Sales and Marketing. Erica joined the Style Lush TV team in May of 2014 and is responsible for our Event Planning Department, is our Director of Sales and most recently the Manager and Host of our Fashion Events Calendar Show. Follow her on Style Lush TV to stay in the know with everything fashionable in our city!