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Red Carpet Ready Ep. 3: InBalance Alamo Ranch Takes us to the Barre!

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We’re only days away from the 4th Annual San Antonio Fashion Awards, and we’re on those last minute juice cleanses and final workouts in preparations for the biggest Red Carpet event this city has ever seen! For our last stop on our InBalance workout tour, we visited the new location at Alamo Ranch. Owner Monica Zapata has been an instructor for the extremely fun Piloxing Class (Pilates + Boxing), and now is a proud franchise owner for the expanding fitness brand. “I’m really excited because there’s nothing like InBalance on this side of town”, says Monica. “We are really excited about the growth and the new members that are coming in here who are so nice and positive, working so hard on formats that they’ve never done before. We’re changing people’s fitness journey and that something to be really excited about!”


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For today’s workout, former dancer and instructor Cheyanne Richmond gives Burgundy and I run for our money, while using fun tools like the foot slider with some light weights to work our arms, shoulders and legs. She also shows us some easy, but super effective moves at the Ballet Barre that anyone can do at the studio or even at home using a chair. The burn is so good, and again these formats don’t require any special background in Ballet or dance in order to go into the studio. Plus, the instructors are extremely supportive and encouraging, plus the classes are so much fun that you barely even notice that you’re breaking a sweat!

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*This episode is brought to you by Inbalance San Antonio, a proud sponsor of the San Antonio Fashion Awards.

For more information about Inbalance fitness programs, please visit their website here and be sure to follow them on Social Media!

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