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10 Years of Runway En La Calle showcasing the best of our chicano culture & it’s many talented artists!

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Runway En La Calle is part of Una Noche En La Gloria held in the heart of the West side of San Antonio on Guadalupe Street. Saturday night, the event celebrated it’s 10th Annual year and of course the highlight of the event, the Fashion Show featuring spectacular designs from 4 San Antonio artists. As usual, Agosto showcases artists both established and new, who embody the chicano culture of our city & push against the status quo of fashion.

Agosto Cuellar with guest collaborator Kristel A Puente

2018 San Antonio Fashion Award recipient of The Cultural Pioneer Award, Agosto opened the show with his newest collection, Tamales Animales. Hidden between corn husks, tassels, feathers and more were powerful messages like “My Ancestors Dreams” and “Save My Hood”.


Rocio Bodevin

It’s safe to say clear bell bottoms are now on the top of our coolest trends list. Rocio brought in beautiful satins and classics cuts with a twist that definitely went out of the box and proved that the west side has some sizzle.

Angelin De Carlo & Staff

In true Angelin De Carlo form, the team delivered once again, with their intricate designs and attention to detail. From the smoke surrounding the catwalk, to the extravagant head pieces and wings, annual crowd favorite, never ceases to amaze audiences with their art. This year, the Angelin De Carlo staff includes: Mary Alice Medina, Richard Sanchez, Kenneth Hammond, Angie Riojas, Maria Carmen Mata, Henry De La Paz, Christopher Phuentes, Bethany Deleon, Rebecca Medina and makeup artist Adrianna Ramirez.



Roy Baker

This being Roy’s first Runway En La Calle, he did not hold back. His debut collection “Experimental Youth” had Rock music, leather, chains and amazing street wear inspired by the Westside of San Antonio showcasing that 90s fashion is in full force and peaking his inspiration through apparel.

Many more were showcased and celebrated this year and once again, audiences were astonished by the amount of talent and artistry. Runway En La Calle continues to be one of the most culturally significant and important fashion events of the San Antonio calendar. Bravo! Everyone involved.

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