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Revolution Thrift: a “Revolutionary” Way To Give Back To The Community.

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Photos provided by PR rep from Revolution Thrift

 A new thrift store has opened up in the San Antonio area and is making a huge impact in the community by giving 100% of its profits to “high impact, life changing” charity organizations in the area. Executive Director Rachel Kelley started Revolution Thrift after looking for a way to give to local nonprofits. “The thought crossed my mind that people often want to donate to their favorite charities; however, they don’t always have the funds, “ says Kelley. “As a single mom of three this was an issue for me. However, I realized we all have stuff and if we could turn that stuff into cash, then we could support our local nonprofits.”


The purpose of the thrift store is to create a cycle of giving.  Each month the store will partner with a local charity. People donate to the store on behalf of the charity, the items are then sold and the money goes directly to the charity. Of course, people are welcome to donate at any time. Revolution Thrift is more than just a thrift store. Director Kelley says,”We view ourselves as part of the community. We get to know you. We learn your name. We listen to your stories. We help you find what you need. We are here to serve our community.” They are also being featured in publications such as Ethical Style Journal and have an in-house stylist. “Not everyone wants to take the time to go through the racks,” says Sharmon Lebby, Editor at Ethical Style Journal and stylist a Revolution Thrift. “So we’ll pull a few options together for you based off the questions you answer on our google form (Link: and then you can come in and try them on”.


Revolution Thrift is meant to serve everyone and in turn, attracts those who desire to help as well. More than its sense of community and its altruistic way of giving back, the thing that really keeps Revolution Thrift running is its dedicated team of volunteers. “There is no way for a single person to operate a retail store. It takes a committed team who believe in the mission and have a heart for giving back to keep the doors at Revolution Thrift open.” Revolution Thrift is located at 8513 Blanco Road, San Antonio, TX. Hours of operation are Thursday: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Friday: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm and Saturday: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm. If you’d like more information or to volunteer your time, their contact information is, phone at 210-376-8909.

For even more information visit them at or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.