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Ode to Sex & The City: Celebrating 20 Years

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Today we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the debut episode of Sex & The City. The groundbreaking HBO series about four friends living in New York City premiered on HBO on June 6, 1998, and ran until 2004. And it was groundbreaking for many reasons. Sarah Jessica Parker taking a risk leaping from the silver screen to the small screen, women being the central characters in a time where most shows had male leads, women HAVING sex, women ENJOYING sex and tackling relationships of all kinds from the female perspective. The fact that the male lead in the series was referred to as Mr. Big, who’s name was never revealed until the end of the first movie, cemented this point even further.



The series may be 2o years old but to this day, SATC is our point of reference for love, friendship and of course, fashion. Every heartbreak, every happy moment, every outfit and every cosmo is marked in all the fans as pivotal moments in our lives. Even though we all weren’t living in New York in our 30’s looking for love while growing our careers in a fast paced world with our 3 best friends, I’m sure we’ve all taken a quiz or 10 to determine whether we’re a Carrie, a Samantha, a Miranda or a Charlotte, or a Stanford Blatch, for that matter, (I always saw him as a 5th character) living vicariously through each of them.

And the fashion, oh the fashion! To this day, the fashion is also considered a character on it’s own and for that we have to thank the show’s wardrobe stylist and designer Patricia Field. She, along with the incredible casting, defined an era and forever changed the way we dressed with self-expression, mixing high, low, vintage and modern. She opened our eyes to a world of shoes we may not have otherwise seen on mainstream TV.




Regardless of current feuds, gubernatorial candidates and culture shifts, I’m sure we can all agree that Sex & The City has been part of our lives in one way or another. As we raise our Cosmo glasses and cheers to the last 20 years, and I can’t help but wonder… where would we be without a little Sex & The City?




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