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Local Makeup Artist is Our New Obsession: Meet Darin!

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One of the newest make-up artist on the local scene is Darin Persyn. This self-described southern flower child is absolutely brilliant and she’s definitely one to watch. We here at Style Lush are huge fans of hers. Read on to learn more about this local talent and pick up some inspiration and quick tips.

Photo source: Makeup_By_Darin


SLTV: You’ve done some modeling and have a killer eye for vintage. We loved your local shop, Muse Vintage! What has been your inspiration and what made you make the move into beauty?
Darin: I’ve always been obsessed with beauty and makeup, so being in the modeling and fashion industry really helped make it a natural transition for me.

SLTV: What does fashion mean to you and do you incorporate that into your work?
Darin: Yes, I absolutely love incorporating fashion into my makeup looks. Whether it be a vintage necklace or a pair of statement earrings from one of my favorite boutiques! I feel makeup and fashion are different mediums of self-expression that go hand in hand to create a story.

SLTV: What is your favorite makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2018?
Darin: One of my favorite trends for 2018 is trading out matte liquid lipstick for a glossier look, they are perfect for spring or summer!

SLTV: Are there any beauty hacks you can share or any beauty must haves we should run out and get?
Darin: To me moisturizer is key! I really like the Ultra Facial Crème from Kiehls!

SLTV: What’s next, and are they any new opportunities coming up for you that we can watch out for?
Darin: I do have a trip to Hawaii coming up soon, so I will definitely be pulling tropical inspiration for summer looks! In the meantime I post creative and glam looks regularly on my Instagram. I also hope to start creating video tutorials in the near future!



Follow this local Make-up Artist powerhouse on Instagram at Makeup_By_Darin and stay tuned to Style Lush TV, San Antonio’s online fashion network television for more fashionable news

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