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ESSENTIALS hosts open call Common Currents photoshoot at Esquire Tavern, 1933 style!

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One of the most talented fashion art collectives from San Antonio (now stationed in Austin) will head home to host a open call photoshoot in the style only their collective crew can pull off. ESSENTIALS is partnering with The Esquire Tavern to celebrate and capture their historic venue for the City of San Antonio’s Common Currents exhibition. Their year is 1933, the year Prohibition ended and The Esquire opened!

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ESSENTIALS is a creative multi-media team experimenting in photography, film, graphic design, illustration, collage, fashion imagery, projection, digital art, and music. Part of the extensive media exploration is due to the fluidity of the members’ participating in one another’s respective areas of expertise.

Essentials X Luminaria: Biochromatic  11/10/17
Instituto Cultural de Mexico, Diego Rivera Gallery

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If you would like to join them and be a part of the moment, dress to impress this Saturday at 8am-10am in your best look! Serious period attire only. Think 1920s gilded age, sharp and seductive, suits, vests, mid-long dresses and oh yes, because it is ESSENTIALS, BYO-mask! Come ready to shoot. All identities invited and celebrated. Scene: Cheering the moment Prohibition ends in true extravagant style. Here is your chance to be part of the art. To work with ESSENTIALS is a one-of-a-kind experience that always yields extraordinary results.

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