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Big changes coming to Element Boutique!

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Long time partners of Element Boutique, Alicia Guevara and Grizelda Garza, have decided to part ways. “There is no drama, no ill feelings but instead two women ready for the next chapter.”, says Alicia. The duo has expressed that they have different goals, so the end of this partnership is not only amicable, but a demonstration of women supporting women.  Alicia still wants to maintain a brick and mortar in order to provide the San Antonio market a one stop shop when they come in for their beauty needs at The Oxygen Room & Beauty Bar Salon & Spa. Grizelda aspires to have an online store that reaches a world wide audience. “I have no doubt she will succeed in her next chapter and I will be her cheerleader, her advisor or even just her beer buddy because I love and adore this wickedly ambitious and talented go-getter.”, stated Alicia, in a heartfelt Facebook post.

Alicia will continue Element Boutique located at 1100 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas, with business as usual and Grizelda will be 100% on her own and complete owner of SHOPELEMENTONLINE. Be sure to follow the San Antonio Fashion Award winners on their social media and keep up as they embark on their journeys. We will continue to support them as they are amazing female entrepreneurs that have worked tirelessly to elevate the Fashion Community in San Antonio.


Grizelda Garza (Photo via Facebook)

Alicia Guevara (Photo via Facebook)


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